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  • samyo1 samyo1 Sep 16, 2013 6:06 PM Flag

    New Catalyst Added

    Oncosec has added a new catalyst since I last visited their website.

    OncoSec plans to present findings from the research study with ODU (Old Dominion University) evaluating the effects of ImmunoPulse in combination with Anti-CTLA4, Anti-PD1 and Anti-PDL-1 therapies. This is a pre-clinical study in mice.

    The data window is from October 1st to December 31st.

    Already scheduled in addition to this catalyst, OncoSec plans to present long term PFS data from its Phase I melanoma program and interim response data on Phase II Merkel cell carcinoma program between now and October 31st.

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    • Samyo1. I think your intentions are good. I am long this stock. However, a catalyst for most biotech investors, usually means game changing results. Preclinical nonhuman data (mice data), usually does not garner investor jubilation. Preclinical rat data definitely does not qualify. Phase 1 .... imagination......Phase 2... appreciation....Phase 3 ....Validation........FDA approval.....Capitalization. GLTY

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      • You are confused.

        A catalyst is something that starts a reaction. Who is to say the reaction will be positive? Who is to say the catalyst will result in a muted response or an explosive one?

        Catalysts can be a news article, a news report on a television station, a comment from a scientist, a dilution, an SEC filing, a partnership, a fire at headquarters, firing of a CEO, hiring of a CEO or maybe even an affair at the office between an officer and a secretary. (just ask google) To think of cataylsts as positive outcomes of clinical trials only is missing the big picture. We witnessed a huge catalyst today and it had nothing to do with Phase 3 trials.

        In my opinion, the excitement surrounding this catalyst is working off the excitement at ASCO where Merck announced some work with their Anti-PD-1 antibody. Apparently it was all the rage at the conference. 1 week later ONCS announced a Sponsored Research Agreement with Old Dominion involving the same molecules but using Immunopulse as a delivery platform, thus showing investors that ONCS is not a one trick pony.

        You should consider this pre-clinical catalyst ONCS's next idea in their pipeline and could eventually be the research that powers investment interest after IL-12 has worked it's way through trials.

      • Beg to differ, Look at INO

        Sentiment: Buy

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