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  • rehdvm2004 rehdvm2004 Oct 16, 2013 3:14 PM Flag

    E-mail update from ONCS

    This is a block transfer quote:

    "Positive Data

    Preliminary data of combination study showed that 100% of treated lesions demonstrated a complete regression."

    Have any other investors received this communication? This was only a quote bout the Phase IIa clinical trial, but it is very seldom that there is even a suggestion that everyone benefitted from treatment in a dose ranging clinical trial. These data are very encouraging and I hope there is positive news about the Phase IIb in a couple of months. This also means the data has been shared with the FDA in order for ONCS management to make a statement like this in public.

    Has Mr. Melanoma, the last guy to be enrolled commented recently? I have not been following the ONCS MB because I figured it was a 5 year wait.

    Again, it is the initiation of an immune response that reaches beyond the site of the original, in situ lesion, that makes this therapeutic approach very attractive. My wife has a friend who was a tennis player who got MM between the toes of her feet. She got the Angenics vaccine (remove the tumor, grind it up and re-inject it with adjuvant) and it helped some, but not enough. She succumbed in three years.

    I have had MM once and plain melanoma once. But the one that was the most dangerous was a squamous cell that doubled in size 4 days after the biopsy.


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    • WHOA rehd....calm down! Sorry to rain on the parade, but I believe his quote is in reference to the presentation Dr. Heller recently gave about the preclinical study on MICE. Go to their website, click on "press releases" and it's the one dated Oct.8th

    • I received the emaill too. The inititiation of Phase IIb is a great sing for all Longs.

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    • Is this something new that was just released? Where did it come from exactly? The company? If so, can it be found as new info on their website?

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      • You can sign up to be on their e-mail list from their website

      • This is a notification directly from ONCS about a presentation that was made by the CEO. It has a video attached. But the major fact is the results. The immune system is an "all or none" type of therapy. If you get enough of the immunogen/antigen into the patient, it triggers an immune response and the antibodies attack the disease that is targeted by the antibodies. What they have been doing with cancers is to get the immune system activated against the hundreds of parts that make up the cancer cell wall. Scientists have sifted through hundreds of these "cell surface antigens" to find the ones that they can damage the most by attaching an antibody. Of course they have to also exclude the common antigens from the same type of cell that is normal. So they get these antibodies to form and they selectively harm the cancer cells, but not the normal cells. This is an old concept in medicine, but it has become possible through the ability to fractionate the cancer cell into hundreds of different working parts (molecules). Fortunately, it looks like the FDA will be back to work tomorrow and ONCS can make their application for the next phase of clinical trial.

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    • rehdvm

      Great post. Very informative. Looks as if we could be on a roll with this one.

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