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  • geolil Jan 15, 2014 3:29 AM Flag

    What bothers me about ONCS

    (1) Immunopulse and NeoPulse are the exact same device. Only the treatment or drug used is different. Neopulse completed Phase 3 and the result was not very much better than Current Standard of Treatment(Surgery, radiation, chemotherapy). The Neopulse was only cheaper than the CST and ONCS has been trying for many months to get a partner for Neopulse and has not been able to do so

    (2) There are many competitors(big companies) in the treatment of melanoma.

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    • QUESTION: What is the difference between ImmunoPulse and NeoPulse?

      ANSWER: ImmunoPulse is being developed to treat metastatic cancers—cancers that have spread beyond the tumor site and throughout the body. In these cases, treatment is particularly challenging, and surgical removal of the cancer is not an option. This therapy stimulates the immune system to recognize the cancer and kill cancerous cells that have spread throughout the body. The process involves injecting the tumor with DNA IL-12, followed by electroporation.

      NeoPulse uses the same process of electroporation, however, instead of DNA IL-12, anti-cancer agent, bleomycin is used. NeoPulse is being developed to treat primary and recurrent cancers that have not yet spread to other parts of the body. For these types of cancers, surgery is a possible treatment, but one that can have detrimental cosmetic and functional effects because of the healthy surrounding tissue that is often excised. As an alternative therapy, NeoPulse can target and kill cancer cells while keeping the surrounding healthy tissue intact. This results in a less-invasive treatment with improved outcomes. NeoPulse also has the potential to minimize the risk of recurrence compared to surgery, because the cancerous cells can be targeted and killed with greater precision.

    • (1) Yes, they have not been able to land a partner for Neopulse up to this point, and maybe they never will. However, the company is focusing on Immunopulse and that is all they are concerned with right now. They have stated this numerous times.

      (2) Yes, there are big companies competing with them in the melanoma arena. However, the most important thing to remember is that ONCS' results have been BETTER than theirs!

      Also, I agree with gmeabrk about the hiring of Dr. Pierce. I think that hiring was HUGE. He had to see the enormous potential of ONCS to make that move!

    • Generally I'd rail on you for your previous lack of posting history, but you do make a valid point.. Let me make another one. The recent hiring of Pierce as CMO was telling. This man is a unique mix of medical and scientific expertise with years of proven managerial experience from both the developmental and FDA compliance sides . He was apparently a chief egghead at Merck who was telling other eggheads at Merck what to do.
      It's no coincidence that the stock started it's run to where we see it today because of Dr. Pierce's hiring.
      I have found scientist's as a rule to be by nature very skeptical (almost to the point of anal) people. The more accomplished the more skeptical. I assure you Dr. Pierce didn't make this move on a whim or to get "insider shares or options" He was well aware of the status of the many trials that ONCS is involved in because that community of scientists is small enough where word does get around about promising drugs and methods..
      Also, it's probably important to not dismiss that yesterday there may have been disappointment in the update. ONCS has no control over the speed of the trials or the whims of the FDA. That being said, if the FDA does come out with a decision about orphan drugs status for instance, it will happen suddenly and take the market by surprise and we may still not have to wait till the 2nd quarter to hear anything positive. Also, there's still the prospects of a partner not waiting for the 2nd quarter to plop down some money instead of waiting for the FDA.

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