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  • loylue loylue Jun 9, 2014 9:17 AM Flag

    Ah, how nice to see an uptick--

    If you remember the last time i spoke on this matter we enjoyed a nice small ride up before we had our legs cut off with that new financing. Now here this morning the initial l Bid was 39,000 at .71 but more important that Bid has been superceded by a Bid of 1000 at .7115. No big deal you say? Perhaps but again that is exactly what took place recently leading us upwards. Does history repeat itself? YEP

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    • We broke below 0.70. Not cool. I hope it holds....

    • Don't get down on this stock now..the earmarks of the group(s) manhandling this stock are doing exactly what they planned and presently in the process of leveling out their positions and going long, their trademark course of action. This stock is going to end up today but more importantly will be the basic first step back up the ladder.

    • current bid ask is 0.7201 / 0.73 actually, so even a little better. However, I'm definitely in the "not a big deal" camp. I do hope we run though.

    • And again history repeats itself as the stock trades 2500 shares in the pre-market, up a cent and a half. Hang on for the ride guys

    • The big news for today should be share offering closing. I'm not sure if that gets announced mid day or at clsoe

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      • So fur, just curious as to what you're hopeful prediction is. You're hoping that the offering is directly tied into the in other words, ONCS says to Merck (let's assume Merck for the sake of example), "we'll give you roughly 10% of the company at $0.71 a share to help fund our newly formed R&D department" in addition to whatever the commercial terms of the partnership for Phase 2b are? So say hypothetically a partnership was reached for $300-$500M in total inclusive of future milestone payments, etc. but as a throw in ONCS basically is giving Merck the chance to buy roughly 10% of the company at a major discount knowing it will explode once the p'ship is announced?

        So basically then the first thing that needs to happen is the offering needs to close and then once closed they can announce the rest of the deal? Is that the gist of your prediction?

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