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  • truthseekerguy truthseekerguy Jun 25, 2014 10:31 AM Flag

    The fact is that this is a very speculative stock (all small bio's are).

    But if, in your DD (assuming you do any DD), you come to believe that the science points to something really "game changing" in the treatment of cancer, you should invest heavily. If not, go look at something else. It should really be a simple decision based on what YOU believe. I bought 250,000 shares and am convinced that this will be a big winner for ME. I could be wrong, but I'm betting heavily that I'm not.
    My only point is that although you can occasionally get some useful nuggets from a forum like this, make your decisions based on YOUR research and not someone else's opinion (mine included). That's my opinion anyway.

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    • Spot on truthseekerguy.

    • Agreed on all counts truth ..I have a sizeable holding IMO and with any success I may retire early ..or am I kidding my self ..I do the best I can doing dd..some are better at it then other true dd. is hard work .so I do admit I will cheat off some of the smart guys here..any hows I'm. Long for 120k...I can hold as long as it takes .I know what I own here .thanks

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      • If only scientists' invested in this stock it would have disappeared long ago. Truly "smart people" listen to the conclusions of the scientists, other savvy investors, and then make their own decisions. The fact that you have done that constitutes you (and some others here) as "smart". I strive to be in that category as well. The true losers are those that can't allow for the possibility of someone else's differing opinion being correct. They are sad people.

    • What science degree do you hold?
      Idiots who buy dung then cite "science" to justify their stupidity.
      You probably don't know the difference between peptide and an adjuvant.
      You probably can't define an antigen nor electrophoresis.

      I am convinced that you are a big loser who got conned into a penny dung stock.

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      • Punta...I agree with you, the earth is flat..thanks for educating us!!

      • Notice how all these trolls who's cubicles are next to each other in the same office use the same lame wording and insults. "penny dung stock" "baggers" Calling us losers and idiots.

        The dirty little secret is that their opinions are worthless to those who have done the research and are confident in where they choose to put their money.

        puntacanaphill... I yawn in your general direction. You bore me.

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      • You are indeed entitled to your opinion (which, by the way, means nothing to me). Call me what you will but the fact is that I have made a very large amount of money by making my own decisions on why to invest in certain stocks. I guess I could choose to listen to the anonymous rantings of a "self important" jerk like yourself, but then again naaah. So take your little egghead self back to your room and watch for children that you can yell at to get off your mothers lawn.
        Thank you for those truly insightful comments though junior.

      • You get awful worked up over how someone else chooses to invest. Why do you suppose that is? You say idiots who buy dung stocks, my question is about idiots that come on "dung stock" message boards to post when they have no financial stake?

    • Well said. It comes down to your own due diligence, don't make decisions based on someone else's guarantees or analysis on the forum, no matter how eloquent their posts. People were talking about guarantees and free money pre-ASCO and making assurances ONCS would not need to dilute. We know things didn't quite pan out. I don't mind, I'm still comfortable with how things are going, heck, I consider the dilution bullish. If someone bought in the hype in the $0.80's or Heaven forbid the $.90's they may be less comfortable.

    • totally agree. good post. and best of luck

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