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  • herkyhawk00 herkyhawk00 Apr 19, 2013 9:52 AM Flag

    Educate me

    I am interested in the drug GTX has in Phase III trials. What makes this drug safer than the many current anabolic steroids that are already out there?

    Also, does anyone foresee them making an NDA for the treatment of muscle mass loss to senior citizens? Obviously, this is a HUGE concern as the quality of life and the fragility of people who are in there later years can make them susceptible to other injuries and health issues.

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    • I would say what makes this drug a winner right out the gate is the side effects. I have seen worse side effects on half the drugs on the market today that cover a wide range of things.

      "The most common side effects reported among all subjects in the trial were fatigue, anemia, nausea and diarrhea. "

      These are not the kind of side effects that prevent a drug from getting approved IMO. The question is does the drug meet the end points. So far the data says yes. IMO I think GTXI is going to see a huge run. Lets face it the CEO already said there are many interested parties in the drug. With them waiting for stage 3 data to partner will put them in the drivers seat big time. This takes the guessing game out of it. The company that partners with them will know they are getting a drug that has been through all the stages and is approved. My guess is that they get a huge cash infusion when that data comes out. Lets face it they said sales could see 700 million and that is just for lung cancer. This drug could be used for many kinds of cancer. Hell any patient that goes through chemo for any kind of cancer probably looses muscle mass. IMO I think this stock will start popping off that 7-8$ range soon. Then look at the data for capesaris it is also looking pretty promising so far.

    • The answer is yes. You are lucky you got a response, this stock is tightly held, and not traded - buy and hold! Senior Mgt does not sell this stock, they don't need the money, they will cash out at $20.+. Institutions are buying now, not individuals.

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