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  • littlejimmyvalentino littlejimmyvalentino Jul 10, 2013 6:55 PM Flag

    AF is a journalist guys...And he did a cracker jack job

    First off...I have no horse in this race. Owned the stock for a short time. Sold it at a nice profit because, and here's the key, I didn't want to take the risk of owning a stock going into Phase III results. Those of you who took that risk are now questioning that decision just as I would have had the results been favorable.

    That said...I have not read more idiotic statements that impugn AF's integrity. Guys, he's a journalist. He's a journalist with an incredible track record of honesty and integrity. You want to see his prescient work on CLSN or ZIOP? Look it up. He was way, way, way ahead of the curve on that one. And those who read his pieces would have saved a boat load of money before the bad news hit the fan.

    The most stunningly stupid accusations are those that accuse him of stock manipulation or some other heinous offense that would incur the wrath of the SEC in about 3 minutes. You might disagree with his findings. You might disagree with his analysis. But the bottom line is that this guy is not going to risk a jail sentence by trading on the stocks that he writes about. You'd have to be an idiot to think that this guy is that stupid.

    My take? He's a great writer. He put facts together in a cohesive way that any layman can understand. It appears that previous writeups overlooked the fact that they used the mean instead of the median in evaluating prior trails. Though AF might be wrong--his backup looks solid.

    Sorry guys, siding with the journalist on this one.

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    • Have to agree with you...I sold GTXI right after I read his piece at $6.20, and feel very thankful for that and a nice profit from $4.60.

      I had a multi six figure share position in CLSN from $2.60 and thankfully sold that position near $7.25
      because of his article. I was very bullish on the stock almost up to the bitter end but the logic of the article kept creeping up in my mind and I was simply not going to hold for the data event. Thank God I listened to logic and did not simply throw the dice on the data event simply for ego and to prove he was wrong.

      Same situation here perhaps. What do we all really know about the trials and the potential outcome?
      Nothing really. We can look at the Phase II results but many bios fail Phase III even after stellar Phase II results.

      So for me, discretion was the better part of valor today. Locked in a nice profit.

      If the results are stellar I can always buy back in...albeit I'm sure quite at quite a bit higher than it is today.
      If the trials fail, then I dodged a major bullet and economic loss. 50-50 I guess. But until AF does me wrong I have to go with his "source" whoever that might be. Too much at stake here not to at least consider what he wrote. IMHO...GLTALs!!

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