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  • dems_please_fix_america dems_please_fix_america Apr 5, 2008 8:05 PM Flag

    QTWW solar is cheep, JASO and TSL are nowhere near worth where they are priced

    because 6 crackwhores running our country could do a better job then BUSh has done. hilarious how he used the christians votes then laughed at them behind their backs. Both his main guy that dealt with christians stepped down then his boss after learning BUSH motives were purely political, he called them nuts when they weren't around.

    Bush also bled the middle class and poor while making his buddies in other countrys rich,money laindering thru IRAQ, and playing both sides to perfection, yeah yeah illegal mexicans we are going to treat you better and let you stay.Of course we are going to seal the borders and stop in the inflow of new illegal alien mexicans. Neither has happened but we sure have more illegal mexicans and a recession in fact depression economy in alot of states as jobs everyday are cut, slashed our sent to other countrys.

    If the Amero and the NEW WORLD ORDER does not succeed, (if you are a stupid republican who does not do research, go watch about it on youtube you are selling out your country and selling out your kids and their kids.)It will be a miracle and we are going to be mexico if we do not have at least 16 straight years of a democrat just to fix what sellout RETARD BUSH has done in 8 years!

    Yahoo shareholders wait till after BUSH is out and a Democrat is in office to see money flow into our Markets and yahoo stock like crazy.If they cheat and fix the election like in 2000 and 2004 and place McCaine as head of a fake democratic USA then sell yahoo, hell short the entire US stock market. Even the most retarded of republicans that just vote that way because they are hooked on scripted soap opera FOX news, (the tv news stars are told what they can and cannot talk about and what they will and will not cover)or their dumb daddy did, whatever the case may be, do your research, this is suppose to be the United States of America and if Mcaine gets the rigged appointment, I swear to you the end of our freedoms as you know them and that I will use my passport to fly to another country, because USA will be too far gone to fix if McCaine is placed into power by the Illumanati and Bilderberg scumbag satanists!

    stp will pulback hard catching many bagholders like usual

    ESLR YGE CSUN AKNS QTWW still cheap

    the rest of the cheap solars are garbage

    tsl and jaso along with wfr will get cut in half in 1 day coming to a screen near you.

    No wonder you pukes are in WFR, you are stupid, will be back with this same post when this is 30 dollars lower!

    PUKES go to YOUTUBE, watch videos of what your puke leaders are really up to with the New World Order, USA will be communist soon, 90 new government agencys that carry guns, FEMA camps all over and a privatized military!!

    Wake up you old fucks before its too late!

    McCaine will be just as bad as BUSH, America cannot survive another 2 years of BUSH, what do you think 4 or 8 would do?

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