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  • securelogin59 Sep 15, 2011 11:05 AM Flag

    message board count ?? really ??

    ok folks... nobody gives one thin s.h.i.t. how many shares ANYBODY has in cyberland,,, and why in gawds name do you sit day after day and banter about NOTHING on a public message board,, nobody cares.............. if you know in your mind that this heavily shorted piece of chinese fecal matter is going to come back to at least where one purchased it at,, then "step away from the computer" and enjoy your life.... or is "this" enjoyable ??,, "historically" something shorted this heavily won't "come back" anytime in the near future,, tie up your shares with a GTC, and go golfing, or have lunch with your kid at the school, or clean your house, mow the lawn, have a beer or glass of wine...... "Green" energy isn't dead,, not yet anyway,, do a little research on it,, American Super Conductor is breaking ground on an "energy hub" in New Mexico, a VERY Sunny place... with any luck, and a little Big Money/Government subsidy,, this'll be a $12 stock in a year or 2,, imagine that, cost basis of $3-$4 bux going double or triple in 3 years ?? WINNUH !!! ding ding ding,,, if one has no faith in the Sun, or in the Government, or in the Economy in general, then sell it all, and buy a divvy play, and wait for the prescribed 8 years for the double so one can become "even" again..... if one had been using "stops",, one wouldn't be here now,, if one is using "mental" stops, or max pain stops,, you're probably fooling yourself, and believe in your heart that you are some kind of "money manager",, which,, just by the fact that one is "here",,, would indicate that "you're just NOT",, go have some fun, life is too short to play the pumper/basher game

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