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  • wirelesstechchen wirelesstechchen Jun 25, 2013 3:45 AM Flag

    It is time to buy JASO!

    JASO just announced its quarterly revenue will be better than its high end of previous estimated number. The previous run up was caused by the better margin and revenue. Today's announcement confirmed this trend. The gap is just filled today to the previous run up price. Any more weakness will provide good opportunities to accmulate.

    Recent weakness of LDK and STP in their financial condition have also provided revenue opportunities for JASO since some of LDK and STP's customers have run away from them.

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    • I think we will see 10 plus next week . Solar will take off the rest of the year and then to the moon in 2014. Another stock to check out is WLC . Western Lithium

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      • JASO will go higher, but I don't know whether it will go up to $10 in short term. I would like it go up slowly than sudderly went up to $10. Many people will take profit if it lift big suddenly. I think it will go to higher of $8.75 next week and pull back to $7.8 to $8.2 range the week after next week. But, we never know since there are so many shorts and there are few hedge funds getting the stock. Short squazz will come. It is just matter of time. I believe it will come when we see any of Chinese solar company start to break even. We might see this it next half year.

        WLC is a bad stock which without any fundamental. If you like a penny stock such as risky as WLC, CDII might be interesting to you. It produces MG metal. It trades under $.05 now. Green is not only a theme, but also a life style. It might have a chance to fly again since MG is a good metal to make light alloy create light energy saving cars. You could buy 100,000 shares with only $5000 if you are willing to gamble.

        Another interesting one is AOBI. It is less risk as CDII and WLC. It has been delisted, but it might have a chance to come back. The company's senior management wants their company to be continuously listed in US in order to gain trust from its employee, junior management and Chinese customers. Recently, it spent $2 million to file last two year audit anual statements. It produces chinese medicine. Few of the drugs the company produced are well known in Chinese. It aslo spent $20 million bought back $50 million of convertible debt after it was delisted. Currently, it is in negotiation with rest of bond holders. If it can be soloved gracefully, the stock will jump back above $1 easily even without be relisted. I think it will be solved gracefully; i.e., $5 to $10 million cash and $5 to $10 million stocks. Next two months will be interesting for AOBI.

        Both are

    • As you say The previous run up was caused by the better margin and revenue

    • There is very little silver lining with this company...they just announced weaker sales. There is a strong chance this company could be below $4 in less than a month.

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      • I am not so sure about that, jaso and other chinese solar stock has fallen from $50(post split price) to $6 which is close to 90% drop and for good reasons, they were making a lot money in 2010 when the price was $50. However they have been losing a lot of money for the past 1.5 years. However, there has been an undeniable reversal in sentiment in the media towards solar. The positive news kind piles up one after another just when solar was on the way down, the bad new piled one after the others. First it was China that came out and said that they'll support the industry by increase installation target. then you have all these company reporting better than expect earning, albeit they're still losing money but they're losing less and the most important part of the message from a lot of CEO is that "We're not going to sell for a loss to gain market share" and the focus has shifted from gaining market share to higher margins. Essentially they have recognized that price war among themselves has put the entire industry at risk of bankruptcy and STP has proved that China will not bail everyone out. Then we had the europe tariff which could have been devastating blow to this recovery story, but last minute EU commissioner lost the "Chicken" war and put up a symbolic 11% tariff and with the opposition from most of the EU states they're not going to pass this tariff in Dec. Most likely both side will reach an agreement since the Chinese companies also want to focus on better margins therefore may not strongly oppose to a higher selling price which what EU commissioner wants. Now we have seen US banks started to lend money to Solar city and other solar installer for large scale and distributed solar systems. That sounds to me like that US companies has recognized that you don't have make solar panels in order to create jobs and make money in the solar industry. I think that if EU and China comes to agreement, US wouldn't be too far behind in rescinding their own solar tarif

      • g_dulaney, JASO just announced better sales, not weaker sales! My friend, wake up! No wonder you short the stock. The information you got just completely wrong. You expect it to drop under $4 in less than a month? The chance will be very slim (unless market crushes). I bought a lot of shares recently and I will continue to buy when it drops under $6.5. I put my money where my mouth is. If you think it will drop to $4 in less than a month, I challenge you to short it here. Either you loss or I? I expect JASO will have a chance to go above $8 in one month;i.e., I will profit $1.5 if my base is $6.5. Well, the profit for you will be $3 if you short at $7 and the price drop to $4, $1.5 if it drop only to $5.5. You might have a chance to gain $1.5, surely not $3. Let's wait and see who is right? Today is 6/26/2013. Let's the high and low range one month from now.

    • Intersolar Europe "Focus in Japan"

      JA Solar's Alden Lee, the company's European president, said the company's manufacturing facilities had been audited over an eight-day period by a Japanese firm interested in an OEM supply deal and stressed that the market was focused on quality. Looks like another promising customer for the Company.
      June 19'th

    • So many people hate JASO. I think there are two reasons for you to hate JASO. One is you lost money before and the other one is you shorted JASO. A lesson learned for me is never hate and love a stock. Love or hate a stock could lead you biase and make wrong decision.

      Solar will be here to stay and it is only its ealier stage of life.

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      • peter_lo Jun 29, 2013 12:34 PM Flag

        shorts worked hard to make JASO lower. Did your guys see someone sell some shares of JASO in after hour at $7.05?

      • wirelesstech, you are absolutely right. Feelings are the most terrible think in trading. That is why we need to remember that JASO lost 85 cents a share in Q1, that will continue to lose and is burning cache although the Fukushima Daihatsu helped them great to survive because they sold in Japan. They have a very negative history of 3 promises of buyback which were not realized, some dilutions and a Reverse Split 5:1 without consulting the shareholders. One thing is certain. Even with good news they may go down or when they go up they correct the day after, that means that who bought today will lose tomorrow unless is professional trader. Ask the people who bought lately at 10, 9, 8, 7 and sold at 5 plus.
        Anyway, good luck to everybody.


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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