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  • jopocop jopocop Dec 21, 2012 10:41 AM Flag

    DRWI Not Affected by Fiscal Cliff, Obamacare, Tax Hikes, Etc,

    For any newcomers, just a note that since DW is Canadian and a world wide company selling anywhere in the world, along with partners NSN and Samsung, all of this fighting by the DEMS and GOP has nothing to do with DRWI in the grand scheme of things.

    Demand for world class high capacity and advanced microwave is world wide regardless of these special USA political issues.

    Enough said, enjoy the upcoming year and what it portends for this sector and in particular this company.

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    • Don't be a fool.
      Recession in North America will impact all business.
      No stock is immune to the impacts.
      Orders get delayed, projects canceled.
      It's all the fault of your HOllande and Obama policies.

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      • Merry Christmas and have a nice weekend to all! Best , Tim

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      • With all due respect, in telecom world, it is a different story. They are like a utility in many ways. Mobile operators have great access to the capital markets and cash flow to do cap ex to meet the demand.

        In this sector, when consumers and businesses buy mobile devices, the mobile operators have to buy the correct equipment so that the network does not have outages, dropped calls, no access, etc.

        If an operator cannot upgrade to 4G LTE, they lose customer who turn to 4G LTE operators.

        In the microwave sector, the demand is phenomenal and it is a question who signs up the business. It is a function of R&D too, as who can afford to roll out the best and can manufacture at low costs. DW has been recognized as the first in this space of IP Broadband with all weather products and highest QAM and other software features that are not found elsewhere.

        Now, there can be some impact on the level of growth and who gets it and timing, but the growth and demand is undeniable.

        Wait, I am not in favor of any socialist policies anywhere in the world, regardless of the USA issues on that topic.

        Hope that helps.

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