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  • byronangel byronangel Dec 21, 2012 3:09 PM Flag

    stock price hits highest level since July

    On a day when the Nasdaq is down 40 points this is a very bullish sign for DRWI.

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    • Another new 6 month high for the stock today.

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    • Highest closing price since July today on good volume on a day when the overall market was down on light volume. All positive indicators for DRWI as investors continue to like the stock at these levels.

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      • It seems to me that there has been a shift in sentiment now to accumulate, especially by major buyers.

        If that is true, we may be in for some very major upside action rally continuation very soon. We all know how fast stock prices can move. Don't miss it should it happen. I know I am not going to miss it.

        Hope everyone here had a great Christmas.

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      • The trading action strongly indicates that the stock price wants to go higher. We have seen a few days where sellers (shorts?) are dropping the stock and then there is a rebound and higher prices.

        If this is the pattern in play, perhaps the sellers will take a vacation and flip sides and start buying instead.

        In any event, this is indicating buy the dips is the current play.

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    • Wow! When it dropped this morning, I thought it was going down with the rest of the market. I almost sold some but remembered it keeps coming back in the afternoon. I didn't think it would go up 6% on a down day like this. I wonder if we are going to get a very upbeat conference call when they announce earnings? What is interesting to me is it seems they went up years ago on the Clearwire buildout, which is now starting all over with LTE. Add to that their potential for many contract like this. I wonder where the stock price is headed in 2013. Any guesses?

    • Jopo,

      Keep posting factual information that reinforces why we are long this company! I don't consider that pumping.....S acting well too. I think we are in the right space!

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      • Very frustrated...I got stopped out on Wednesday at 2.77. Bought back in on Thursday am. Had a stop loss of 2.93. got stopped out again. Tried to buy today mid morning at 2.99 and it never dropped below 3.00. Now I feel like i cant jump in and I was holding this company from 3.44 last may all the way down to 1.70's. All in all my frustration here is actually a good thing for anyone without stops who is long. It means that the market makers are clever and are insistent on shaking out all stops.

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      • Of course we all post relevant information, even if at times it is not always on the side of the DW or microwave market sector.

        We are still way beneath the price when the NSN deal was announced last year. Now the company has so much more exposure to the hot sector around the world.

        Nothing not to like here. We are veterans in this business and we know the story and cannot be bluffed out, that is for sure.

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