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  • foxeelicious foxeelicious Jan 26, 2013 1:19 AM Flag

    Explanation: Remember the Alamo!


    I am very saddened that a good guy, a class act, had to be run off any message board at Yahoo. What was happening here lately and now today was truly a wild bunch of creeps and bullies that have no soul nor morals. The behavior as posted here by them were like zombies.

    His message was symbolic that if out numbered, surrender or die, and he preferred to die.
    On the contrary, the trolls are in charge of the insane asylum. Let them have it as it is seriously their only existence and life.

    greedyone222 was the Judas, the infiltrator and coward that betrayed who he really was with his postings. None of this would happen if Yahoo had some basic way to control multiple personalties and despicable gangs of trolls.

    I am gone too and will not have any part of Yahoo, as it is not a safe place to post or to even come here to see the trash and smears.

    When greedyone222 comes here, may he be shunned, as he has finally been exposed as a liar, fake, cheat, corrupt, and a pitiful snake in the grass. Not one word he can write can be trusted any where at Yahoo.
    Good luck to you jop, TD, SA, garth, Tim and others I met here that are seeking a big payday win with a successful company and investment. I am with you all to wait it out and win.

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