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  • epritske epritske Mar 4, 2013 4:20 PM Flag

    John Lawlor

    Has anyone spoken to this guy regarding DRWI? I am calling today but to no avail...I am ready to ask lots of questions if he does ever call back...Any questions are welcomed here and I will post the answers

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    • greedyone222 Mar 4, 2013 4:25 PM Flag

      Good luck with that last I spoke with him was when he actually took calls....He kept repeating that gross margins would come down post NSN deal but revenue would increase........Net, net the same profit at the end of the day...He kept talking like the NSN merger was an OEM agreement...So, ask him now point blank was it really just an overblown OEM agreement????? I would love to hear the answer. Greedy

    • Is the lower guidance due to MSN using other vendors equipment?

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      • td, I did not want to miss out in answering the question. What we know is that suddenly NSN notified DW about mid-way into February that orders originally guided were not materializing at that point. It is unknown what happened at NSN that resulted in prior orders and revenue indications that went south. Putting the pieces together, it appears that customers were not yet ready to proceed with their project and take delivery. Maybe some customers elected to use some other micros, but that does not seem to make sense. DW is the preferred provider as we all know. Something happened with the NSN side and now it is a wait to learn more on what is the greater story on what went wrong with NSN and what is the nature of the fix to be accomplished. We know that on January 12 DW gave a guidance based on what they were learning from NSN. Then, a month later, NSN had to back off. Now, I suspect we will learn more soon on what is happening next to get those orders back on track.

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      • Here are the questions so far that I sent via email..

        1) Is the lower guidance due to MSN using other vendors equipment? If not then why?
        2) This is another quarter miss. Why should investors be excited about DRWI?
        3) How much cash on hand does DRWI have and what is the burn rate?
        4) are there any catalysts expected for DRWI?
        5) Would DRWI be open to partnership or buyout?

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