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  • greedywasright greedywasright Aug 13, 2014 1:34 PM Flag

    Interesting little tid-bit to liven up this boring message board.

    Yesterday, as I was driving home in my new Rocky Ridge 4x4 sipping on a cold frostie I came across this song on the Sirius satellite radio. I was listening to Hair Nation (all 80's rock hair bands) and this song by Giant came on. It was called " a fool and his money" I couldn't help but sing along and think about you poor folks here that are holing out for a dream meanwhile your being robbed by a bunch of crooks in Ontario. Great song BTW you might be able to find it on YouTube if you are interested.....Did I mention my front tag says Greedy and my plate in the rear is custom with DRWI on it....After all it was the dragon that paid for the 81,000.00 truck.......It's a beautiful truck and it's paid for!!!!! I hope you folks get out before Tim decides to lighten his load....Going to get ugly!!!!


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    • Hope you were in Texas. I don't honestly know the rules but many years ago I was in Texas (my brother was a cop there) and a guy pulled up in his truck drinking a beer. I asked my brother if he needed to arrest him and he told me it wasn't against the law.

      Shocked me but I'm just a little bit on the cautious side.

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      • Coh's it was legal to drink and drive there at one time but now all of that has changed.....I was on a dirt road in the middle of 500 acres on a friends ranch sighting in my 7MM and playing with the AR-15.......Only thing I was worried about was hitting a bump in the road and spilling my

        Hope you are doing well Coh's!


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