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  • scubamoe scubamoe Nov 13, 2012 1:49 PM Flag

    OMEROS response to recent stock decline


    I am no Omer basher but this is too easy. "Omeros is not aware of any reason that justifies this decrease" and my question is, then why dont you find someone who is aware of a reason because it just happened. :)

    The payout to Klein makes total sense btw. If you’ve been lawyered up in the last ten years you know the standard formula for wrongful anything cases. settle 10 minutes before the trial, posturing that your going drag them underwater in costs, the payout number is then fixed as opposed to the unknown cost of losing on a decision, the lawyers all get paid out of the settlement of course and everybody (whos a lawyer) wins big. Klein will net 2 mill after taxes maybe. That’s a #$%$ house in San Fran. Dr D made the smart choice so omer gets a pass and Klein doesn’t have to find another job for a while.

    The downward motion is all of us long termers who scored big getting out of the way of Obamas hope and change at 15 percent while we still can.

    Now lets get back to partnering up and move on.

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    • ....HAW!!!! you're saying you think KLEIN was doing the "posturing" threatening to drag OMER "underwater in costs"?????....HAW!!!!...that's rich!...

      ...let's see -- in this corner we have the orthopod and OMER with 30 plus million in cash and insured to the hilt to boot...and in this corner, we have the "threat" of one Richard klein -- a Washington State business school graduate now working for Pinnacle Advisors... which of these is in the best position to drag the other underwater in costs...hmmmmmm...noooooooo -- I think OMER was the one who tried to drag Klein under...but Klein knew what he had on them and stood firm in the face of the storm...

      ...and it was OMER who blinked as trial time approached because they likely didn't want anyone to hear testimony in court about his allegations and 4 MILLION dollars was a cheap price to pay to keep the truth under lock and key...

      ...that one line in that one press release said it all:

      "In a ruling shortly before the case was scheduled for trial, U.S. District Judge John C. Coughenour denied Omeros’ motion to exclude the NIH witness testimony."


      ...HAW, HAW, HAW!!!!!...

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