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  • oscarlonzo oscarlonzo May 14, 2013 9:16 AM Flag

    Rally was just short covering?

    The appearance of the report that OMER's short interest had grown to over 5 million shares seemed oddly coincidental with OMER's secondary. The extent of the rally certainly seems unusual when you consider that the secondary was for only $4.14 a share. On the other hand, maybe investors were relieved that OMER wouldn't have to tap its 60 million dollar ATM agreement. Although, if the burn rate reported in the 10Q is correct, OMER's cash coffers will be empty in just another 4 months anyway and things will be right back where they were before the secondary.

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    • Good observations. The 4.14 was above current market price. That's a positive. Burn rate is still worrisome. Perhaps a partnership is in the works? That would take the stock straight to $12-13 given the impressive pipeline. Sounds like no one doubts the science, if financial clouds are lifted and they start selling drugs, this stock will fly

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      • LOl - I see the donkey guy came out of his cave after we are up 30% from the bottom. If he were not so bitter and pathetic he could have bought at 3.70 and made a big profit. It would have helped offset some of his losses in all the other bio firms he has called wrong

      • ...HAW!!!..."no one doubts the science"??? science? think mixing a few generic drugs with water to make a nonsensical "witches brew" irrigation solution is science"?...why, you're dumber than "omrastyle"!...and he's hard to beat in that respect!/// any case, OMER will be broke again in 4 months and then it will be the same old secondary or PIPE or tapping into that 60 MILLION dollar ATM sword of Damocles hanging over shareholders' necks...

        ....and partners?...the company's twenty YEARS old and has yet to produce so much as a hint of anyone wanting to partner with them...look at their deal with Daiichi...Daiichi is forcing OMER to PAY THEM milestone payments as OMER develops its PDE inhibitors!...what does that tell you about Daiichi's opinion of OMER...

        ....sorry but it's like the song goes-- and the wheeels on the biotech bus go round and round!...round and round!...HAW!...

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