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  • peetorius3000 peetorius3000 Jun 13, 2013 10:39 AM Flag

    Short Interest?

    Can anyone shine some light on the short interest for OMER? Scottrade has it at 21% and I noticed a steady incline for months on the NASDAQ site. Perhaps someone short has some insight?

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    • ...well, that's easy! see, the company's going to be broke in about three more the meantime they keep saying they're going to start this phase 1 trial and that phase 1 trial...unless that's just bogus press meant to con investors -- which is most likely -- then at some point they will have to start tapping into that 60 MILLION bucks worth of stock that they can sell at ANY price and at ANY time without notifying shareholders...

      ...let's see, 60 million bucks would mean aaround an additonal 15 MILLION shares up for sale...not to mention the 4 MILLION shares RA Capital bought for 4 bucks a share just sitting there waiting to be sold... there you have it...seems like a couple of good reasons to me...not to mention the failure to file an NDA for their eye irrigation fluid -- although they still got a coupleof weeks to fulfill their promise in that respect...

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      • they definitely have more than 3 months worth of cash. Another tip on ATM, companies usually try to ATM in to strength. if not, they would not have raised last month.

      • well you see if it was only that easy...

        100s of biotech companies have ATMs running all the time. That's how biotech investing works. Look at acad and the ATM they had. Look at where they are today. Ultimately it is about the products and their market. Even horrible companies like mnkd who have diluted shareholders repeatedly is currently busy hitting 52-week highs.

        well you see if investing was that easy genious...HAW !

    • 5.8M shares short on 5/31/13, up about 180,000 shares between 5/15 and 5/31

      19 days to cover at current trading levels (~300,000 shares per day).

      Friday, 6/14, after the close we should hear that OMER is staying in the Russell 2000 Index.

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