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  • m_icon11 m_icon11 Jun 20, 2012 1:10 AM Flag

    You guys do realize

    in 2 months you'll see $10. and from reading your posts you said that you have been avg down. if you bought in big @ $14 then getting your avg PPS to $10-$12 should NOT be an issue with two easy opportunities to buy in low $8 last fall and mid-upper $7's now.

    next time buy PEP (+/- $64) or CLX (+/- $66) on a pullback. that way its feet up and collect div and when they dip you buy with courage.

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    • 5 out of 15 posts are yours! Nobody cares, like i said sell and move on or get a life!

      • 2 Replies to sabres6868
      • you posted more than me with ZERO input or info on FNFG.

        Say something useful about the stock or your opinion of the future direction and support it.
        At least Bill Saliva has an opinion and took a side. Your comments are even more useless than his.

        What is your take on FNFG SabresClown247???

      • You embarrass yourself with your "love it or leave it" mentality.

        Myself, I bought when the price dropped from 14+ to 12+ with the (apparently wrong) thought that this branch purchase/expansion would be a positive for FNFG. Looks like I should have waited and bought in the 7s since others (apparently) more knowledgeable than most of us retail investors have pummeled this stock due to this "home run." At this time, all is not as management would have us believe.

        I remember when the "Big E" went public as Empire of America and Paul Willax painted his rosy picture for the future of the bank. When the SHTF, rather than file suit in the best interests of the shareholders, he took his golden (platinum) parachute. I should have learned then about bank management.

        Personally, I will not sell my shares any time soon (tho' my accounts will be closed)so as I can attend next year's shareholder meeting. If things have not improved significantly, you can be sure my displeasure will be voiced (tho' it may fall on deaf ears).

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