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  • yahoo yahoo May 12, 2005 8:41 PM Flag

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    • the_millionaire_next_door the_millionaire_next_door Apr 29, 2004 10:28 AM Flag

      I think you have a wacky misunderstanding of Christianity. When was the last time a Christian threatened to convert someone by force? There are fundamental (that's an overloaded word) differences between Christianity and Islam. Christianity is by very nature not out to coerce people into belief. If you don't believe Jesus died on the cross for your sins, that's your right. Why do you have to make it so difficult for people who do believe that?

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      • Wake up and smell the coffee bud. What do call it when these Christian fundamentalists torch abortion clinics, threaten and even kill doctors and thier clients. The fact is they do impose thier will on others, by force. And not just physical force, sometimes economic. I can list examples if you'd like. I know you'd like to paint a rosey picture of Christanity, but fundamentalist freaks are fundamentalist freaks whether Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, what have you. Your illigitimate monkey of a president happens to be one of them.

    • drgeorgy,

      I had you all wrong. Christian Taliban. It's brilliant. Write a book. Show the world your brilliant thoughts and incisive observations. Insights like these need a larger audience.

      Now, the fact that you will get rejected by a lot of publishers should be no reason to be discouraged. Just keep plugging. Lots of great minds eventually get published.

      The more insults and name calling, the better. Readers love that stuff. Go get 'em, drgeorgy!!!

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