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  • bob_deloach bob_deloach Aug 6, 2011 10:07 PM Flag

    A New Era

    “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” -Sun Tzu

    "The end of the Petro Dollar will end our world and the Anglo American Elite will not go down without a fight."

    “If my sons did not want war,there would be no war.” -Baron Rothschild

    "The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire,and I control the British money supply.” - Lord Nathan Rothschild

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    • "Iran may be preparing to use a heavy water reactor for producing weapons-grade plutonium, according to U.S. and European officials cited in the Wall Street Journal. This is an alternative method for reaching a nuclear bomb, which joins its existing uranium enrichment project."

      "A heavy-water reactor is an easier target to hit than the underground facilities that house Iran's uranium-enrichment facilities, the newspaper notes."


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    • "Washington’s Iran war game vs. real Iranian, Israeli war preparations" DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis September 22

      "This apparent US-Iranian concord was unusual but not fortuitous, say debkafile analysts.
      On the part of Washington, it had a distinct purpose, which was to demonstrate to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that an Israeli attack before the US presidential election would be superfluous."

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    • "In June-July, the Akula-class submarine, an attack warship capable of carrying long-range ballistic missiles, travelled in the Gulf of Mexico patrolling the US coast. The US satellites and hydro-acoustic sensors failed to spot it."

      "This is a good lesson for the US, demonstrating that it should not pursue its foreign policy interests all over the world using force."

      "By disclosing this information the Pentagon is trying to convince the Congress not to reduce expenditure on military needs..."

      Defense cuts work like this:
      US take one step backwards; so US have to take three steps forward.

    • "This missile deployment represents the first time Taiwan has positioned cruise missiles aimed at China. It is believed that as many as 100 missiles have been deployed while defense analysts estimate that China has as many as 1,600 missiles of various types targeted on Taiwan."

      "In related news, a Taiwanese legislative committee approved a proposal to arm the Navy’s newest fast-attack missile boats, now being developed, with the HF-IIE missiles. The new Hsun Hai (“Swift Sea”) fast-attack missile boat project is expected to produce corvettes of 450 tons capable of launching retaliatory strikes against Chinese targets"

      I'm not a Hawk; nor is my head in the sand. I call the shots as I see them and invest accordingly.

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      • DEFENSETALK article "China, US to begin new arms race"

        «China intends to significantly increase its missile potential. According to the influential Jane’s Defence Weekly, China has successfully test-fired the Dongfeng-41 (DF-41) intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of reaching any spot on US territory. Beijing denied the information, but admitted that it is developing a new-generation ICB capable of destroying targets all across the world.

        Beijing seems to start placing its stake on an alternative cooperation with the United States, China’s main economic partner. It’s clear the two countries’ trade and economic ties will dominate for years to come. At the same time, instability in various parts of the world and the US’ ever-increasing ambitions prompt China to consider taking a spate of the military containment-related steps.

        On Thursday, Washington signaled its readiness to deploy elements of the US missile shield in Asia and the Far East, something that is almost certain to prod China to further expand its regional clout by notably beefing up its military might. Alexander Larin is expert of the Moscow-based Far East Institute.

        “It is only natural that China continues to strengthen its army’s defense capabilities,” Larin says.

        “We, however, should take into consideration the unfolding competition between China and the US over a spate of areas in Eastern Asia, a zone of China’s vital interests. Beijing is trying to oust the US from these areas and undermine its influence there, something that spreads to a military sphere and makes China start an arms race.”

        According to the Jane’s Defense Weekly, the DF-41 was test-launched from the Wuzhai Missile Test Center in the central Chinese province of Shanxi a month ago.

        Washington Free Baconalso reported the launch, referring to the US intelligence sources which said, in particular, that the DF-41 has a range of up to 15,000 kilometers and is equipped with 10 nuclear warheads. The Pentagon has already dubbed the DF-41 a “first-strike weapon”, designed to cover the entire US territory.

        Russian defense experts have, meanwhile, expressed surprise about the turmoil surrounding the DF-41 given that many countries knew about this ICBM missile before. They were echoed by Moscow-based military expert Viktor Baranets.

        “China began to develop the Dongfeng, or Eastern Wind, ICBMs back in the 1980s, and there are several modifications of these missiles, including the DF-41, which has already been put on service,” Baranets says. “China is just test-firing the DF-41′s missile carrier, something that has been tracked by the US Missile and Space Intelligence Center,” he concludes.

        Right now, China has 70 ICBMs and 410 warheads, an arsenal that, of course, yields to that of the US. Sources in the secret services claimed that the missiles that are currently on service in China are capable of reaching just separate regions of the US Pacific Coast, as well as India and part of Russian territory.

        If the DF-41′s technical characteristics are confirmed, this will drastically change the situation.

        Beijing has repeatedly expressed frustration about Washington’s plans to beef up its military presence in Asia and the Far East. Earlier this year, the Pentagon signaled readiness to deploy its missile interceptors on the territories of Australia, South Korea and Japan, a move that the Pentagon attributed to a threat emanating from North Korea.

        In February 2012, Russian and foreign experts predicted that Washington’s attempts to deploy the US interceptors near the Chinese border are all but sure to infuriate Beijing. Their forecasts came true in August which saw the publication of the facts that neither China nor the US wanted to reveal.»

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    • Well, I guess we can't all lo♥e one another and jus' get along:

      "The US-led economic war on Iran has been dangerously ratcheted up with the launching of a powerful new computer virus targeting the Islamic Republic’s nuclear research facilities and other vital commercial sectors"

      "India and Pakistan are reportedly both developing new, more sophisticated atomic missiles, leading to fears of a renewed nuclear arms race."

      "The danger is that the two countries have yet to develop the channels of dialogue between their military chiefs to ensure there are no catastrophic misunderstandings over troop movements and military exercises."

      If the PTB, not I, say we are going to have Wars, then Wars we shall have!

    • WOW!
      "Submarines produced by Germany and supplied to Israel as part of an extensive arms deal are equipped to enable the launch of nuclear-tipped cruise missiles"

    • "Bernanke’s economic strategy has been focussed on turning treasuries into a losing investment, on the face of it to “encourage risk-taking” (or — much more significantly — keep the Treasury’s borrowing costs cheap)."

      ". Our current system of huge trade imbalances guarantees that someone (the West) is getting a free lunch , and that someone else (the Rest) is getting screwed. Such a system is fundamentally fragile, and fundamentally unstable. Currency wars will likely give way to economic wars, which may well give way to subterfuge and proxy wars as creditors seek their pound of flesh, and debtors seek to cast off their chains. Good news, then, for weapons contractors..."

    • "A new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) so secret it has no name yet has been successfully tested in Russia, the defence ministry says."

      "This is one of the... measures being developed by Russia's military and political leadership in response to the US deployment of a global anti-missile system, former strategic forces director Viktor Yesin told Interfax."

      "Russia says the shield upsets the military balance and has threatened to turn its missile launchers on vital Nato sites."

      Those cuts in Defense are working out jus' like I anticipated. Now it's time to put up or shutup.

    • "...the ELWR, once operational, could also produce new plutonium—12 kilograms or a little more than one bomb per year—for Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons stockpile."

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