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  • a_sergeyevna a_sergeyevna May 8, 2012 3:04 PM Flag

    I have bought HUGE calls in this one

    I believe the selling here today is insane. I was not in this stock previously, but I have acquired a huge basket of calls in this stock. I believe it is going over $100 in 2 weeks. what nonsense is taking place here is machine-based, and the same machines will crank this thing up when the boys are ready.

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    • " when the boys are ready" WTF does that mean?
      What boys? this is no flash crash just profit taking and panic selling. Me thinks you have been watching too many terminator movies. IMHO

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      • You are a bad reader. The big boys of Wall Street or other hidden "streets". It's real. It's nothing today but computer-driven selling. Take it from someone who knows. The boys set off the panic on the insignificant news and trigger off the selling by fearful people. For every 1000 shares in stampede that they set off, they buy 20,000 from those who are panicking. They'll be "ready when they want to push up the price. Programmed. They raise the bid and ask at the same furious rate. If they desire, they can do it for 2 or three days. As you buy at the higher prices, they sell their loot of the previous 3 days. Just watch this tock return to $100 in a week, and you will cry if you sold. Not much is wrong with the stock. I had no position in it prior to today, and I'm now using options only.

        For the sake of clarity, I have never watched Terminator. Believe me. Keep watching it; it's all yours.

    • I told you guys that the machines will be back to push this thing back up. The machines are botting up. Buy now. It takes courage.

    • I agree. Do you think this situation is similar to CTSH?

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