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  • will_i_am_west will_i_am_west Jul 13, 1999 7:46 AM Flag

    Fossil-ites: Analyst Thomas Weisel

    raised estimates for FOSL 2nd quarter EPS to
    $0.41 as per Zacks portfolio update service. This makes
    it above the highest analyst estimate of $0.40 for
    2nd quarter currently listed on the YAHOO! research

    Of course, most of us Fossil bull-lites are
    expecting a good bit more than this; but it never hurts to
    see the ramping up of expeectations from the
    so-called pros.

    P.S. Hey crzyweasle, good call on
    the price even if you were five trading days late.

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    • Will, I noticed that it seemed quite resilient
      when the
      market went down compared to other
      stocks. And, today,
      it seems to be picking up a lot
      more of the money flowing
      into the small and
      mid-caps than others.

      My broker says the only
      reason this isn't selling at
      $60 today is that the
      story is a bit mundane --
      you know, just a watch
      company, not a glamour market,
      doesn't have "dot com"
      after it's name, blah, blah. But, now, she says her
      customers eyes are widening after the huge runup and they
      all want to get in at a good price. She found lots of
      interest here in the high 40's. I suppose there is
      appealing about the low, low price of $49.95 versus

      It may take a little more time for others to
      this is not a fad, but is already an established
      brand. Some
      might think watches are mundane, but the
      profits are anything

    • Just announced this morning ...


    • I usually do not say anything like this on a
      message board; but I feel like we have a nice little clan
      of long-time Fossil folks (especially you Jeff) who
      have been through the volatile gyrations of this
      company's stock.

      My message: I seldom get such
      strong buy signals as I am getting on Fossil currently.
      Intuitively, I felt it is considerably oversold, but has
      maintained its important support levels in the teeth of a
      terrible market. After looking at the TA, here's where I
      see FOSL:

      Bollinger Bands at 18, tightening up
      for a strong move one way or the other. (My bet's on
      up, obviously). Stochastics are at 18, displaying
      oversold condition. RSI in a bit of distress at 43, but a
      good couple of days will take care of that. The
      candlesticks are displaying strong reversal signals.

      Another factor, the US jumped in and bought dollars today
      in order to strengthen the dollar vs. the yen for
      the Bank of Japan. FOSL does not like it when the
      dollar gets weak against the yen. This move by the US
      (as a proxy for BOJ)shows that the BOJ is still
      determined to interevene in this currency

      Anyhow, the only disturbing thing has been the
      institutional selling over the past week; but it appears to
      have cooled off in volume the past two days. Besides,
      I believe it was profit-taking pure and

      I agree with you crzyweasle about not getting one's
      portfolio overweighted in any one equity; but I had
      lightened up my FOSL position considerably last week; and I
      will begin accumulating tomorrow.



    • Well, we all know we could have sold at $53 3/8
      and bought back in here:)) My paper gain right now is
      70% since Feb, so I'm
      not whining.

      I have
      to agree with you guys that this loooks like a
      buying opportunity. I think we'll see a bunch more hop
      on for the trip to $60 pretty soon. If I didn't have
      so much tied up in this
      one stock, I would buy
      some more now. I have to maintain my
      discipline about not being more than 10% in any one
      though. If I didn't do that, well, I wouldn't be
      in anything.

      My only regret is not
      maintaining some WCII :)) Oh, well . . .

    • We sure have bumped around as of late. A few
      weeks ago, we hit an intraday low of 43+, then a week
      or so later, we were up to 54 7/8! Now we've fallen
      over 10% from that high.

      Crzy: I sure hope we
      don't fall below 40! At least, we do seem to be
      bouncing off of intraday lows in the last few days,
      although we've set new immediate-term lows each of these

      Earnings out in about 3 weeks ...


    • friendly family-style message board of
      yester-month, it's kind of fun to have the ol' Fossil site

      Many thanks to 'investortravel' (aka
      sabrinatogo) that irrepressible world-class, world-gallopin'
      stock-picker extraordinaire for keep us laughing.

      crzyweasle, et al: Just dropping in to add some encouragement
      after thet latest price moves. My take: profit-taking
      by some of the institutional holders as they are
      getting a bit of cold feet in the current market
      environment. Also, it is not good for FOSL when the yen
      strengthens vs. the dollar.

      That being said, I like
      the looks of the candlestick from today; and I
      consider 46 or so to be our first line of support. If we
      close below 45, however, we might need to regroup
      around 38/39. I don't think this will occur; and I
      personally consider this to be a great spot to pick up some
      more FOSL.

      Good luck, folks.

    • You are an idiot. (I know... I have a firm grasp
      of the obvious)

      Why don't you help us "dumb
      ones" by listing your top 5 holdings and we will track
      your remarkable performance relative to our plummet
      with FOSL to 25.


    • I can't seem to teach any tricks to these dumb ones!
      FOSL will be at $25 or lower soon! I'll be laughing at all of you!

    • I would like to see the price at a more marketable level some time soon---anyone think they might be pondering the same issue at corporate??

    • Sudden drop---not to worry----lets all keep our fingers crossed for the earning report!! Let the skeptics sell---go fosl go

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