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  • rocker4d rocker4d Jun 19, 2007 6:17 PM Flag

    Lets knock this around....

    Lets say I am a potential investor in AlwaysReady. I have 5mil to invest but being a businessman I want to ask all the questions I can. 1- What do you expect you will need to get AlwaysReady of the ground...Start production and keep it solvent for lets say 2 years without bringing in any money? 2- How is the testing going and I would I be able to see progression and testing charts. Can I also talk to the people at Lucent, ARTEC. Rutgers and AMEX? 3- If you get 15mil private placement what would be the ratio to shares generated? In other words what would be the IPO price of Alwaysready? I am sure there would be more questions of importance but these would tell me if 1- Is this a one time offering for two years or is this going to happen every 6 months thus diluting my investment. 2- Is the product for real and ready to sell and put into production or am I funding something that is almost there but needs tweaking. I DON'T WANT TWEAKING....I WON'T PAY 5 MIL TO TWEAK. 3- If you IPO let's say over $1.00 per share and are fully funded and have competent management with a chance on getting on the big board. If I am more than reasonally happy with my findings I would invest my 5 Mil and start buying about 1 mil dollars worth of XDSL under .12 per share.....sell at .80 per share (80% of what AlwaysReady is worth) and my investment in AlwaysReady is free and clear. The key here is KNOWING what we don't know. Soooooooo, I feel if they get the monies they expect I will be making money. What do you think? Crazy, right.

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