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  • markdmd markdmd Dec 6, 2012 3:58 PM Flag

    How long before mPhase is consulted?

    Late last week, the Department of Energy announced plans to spend $120 million to establish a major battery research center at the Argonne National Lab outside of Chicago. The stated goal: to create a new “Manhattan Project” that will develop an EV battery in the next five years that lasts five times as long and costs one-fifth as much as current EV batteries.
    And they say it’s all in the interest of national security.
    The Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR) will become a think tank for multiple government entities like the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Washington, in addition to private companies like Dow Chemical and Johnson Controls. Even General Motors is an affiliate – and likely future licensee of the technology.
    “The taxpayer is an investor, so what can we do that pays the investor back? The answer is security – to do our best to use energy inside the boundaries on our soil,” says Jeff Chamberlain, the deputy for development and demonstration at JCESR. Chamberlain says the U.S. imports a billion gallons of oil per day. But if even 5 percent of drivers switched to EVs, that could mean $100 billion in battery purchases that would be powered largely by domestically produced energy.
    “Batteries have made their way into every form of our life,” adds Amy Francetic, an executive director of the Clean Energy Trust based in Chicago, a business accelerator that helps transfer government research to industry. “Any time [something] is critical to our way of life, or an advancement of industry, it should be the role of the US government. It is hard to make those advancements without the US government."

    mPhase Technologies, a publicly traded company on the OTCBB under ticker symbol XDSL, is the undisputed global leader in the development of the battery of the future…today.

    I have no doubt mPhase will be called in to spearhead this initiative with their expertise. ROFLMAO!!!!

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    • The only expertise that I know off mPhase, they do know how to print lots of Company Shares.

    • Stranger things have happened! If the results of the Army testing is provided, who knows what could happen. Argonne is only about 4 miles from where I grew up. I used to have dreams about missiles being launched from there in the late 1950's. There has been all sorts of testing going on at Argonne since the late 40's. Who knows just what has been developed there. Who knows what might just come out of this.

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      • LMAO sooooo big time! BIGMAC alias, your quip

        " If the results of the Army testing is provided, who knows what could happen."

        Dude, you're assuming there is testing going....yeah there WAS about 4 YEARS AGO! They got grant money that they HAWKED ad nauseam and NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING came of it except a $300 flashlight that does not sell, that too was simply a front to hawk selling more shares to suckers.

        MARKDMD, like you I am brutally aware of what DURANDO and gang have been doing for 16 years, and unfortunately I'm still amazed and saddened by the naive, greedy, newbies who, despite all the information available and easily proven to NOT do it, they STILL DRINK the TOXIC KOOL-AID. Heck, you would think just the very basic facts,

        NO CASH,
        NO PRODUCT,
        HIGHLY PAID FRAUD INDICTED management,
        NO CONTRACTS for 16 years,
        NOW a DTC CHILL due to selling too many shares to suckers
        etc. etc.

        would be enough to cause anybody to run, yet Durando being the soul-less con artist he is, lives a lavish life as a result.

      • Army testing? LOL you're kidding, right? With the volumes of junk news released by this junk company over the years, one would have to ask oneself 'if there was even the smallest glimmer of hope that the army even remotely wanted anything to do with mPhase ' wouldn't we have heard about it?

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