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  • camguy99nine camguy99nine Dec 7, 2012 12:38 PM Flag

    The FACTS on the SEMA red-herring

    It's just more smoke and mirrors to dupe the naive suckers

    Durando's MARKETING PLAN:

    Let's see
    - "Low Rate Initial Production Plans Developing" Per their Nov. 9th FLUFF PR.

    TRANSLATION: they are "developing" folks which means nothing, I mean NOTHING is IN CONCRETE to sell the blessed "jumper", and Christmas is 3 weeks away, This pattern of "developing" with no follow thru on about 7 projects over 16 years is well-established pattern.

    AND NOW they joined the SEMA organization, per the Nov. 30th FLUFF PR.

    SEMA is the vehicle after market organization. mPhake did this in another attempt to hood-wink the naive into thinking they are actually doing something, so the naive will buy stock so that their insider buddies who bought CD's and WARRANT's from them can then convert those CD's and WARRANT's into discounted shares to DUMP into the market after a FLUFF PR is released to which helps to TEMPORARILY spike the price so they can sell at a big profit.

    Guess how much its costs to join SEMA? Anywhere from $100 to $2000.00 bucks depending on your sales as a company. Gee mPhake has basically ZERO sales so what do you think their fee is? BTW, proof of SEMA fees, go to the SEMA website

    Under MEMBERSHIP tab click on MEMBERSHIP HOME then "Join SEMA online now".
    You will see EXACTLY what I just stated.

    Ok, once again lets re-evaluate.

    A 16 yr old company ran by an ex-penny stock broker who has been, along with his upper management team, INDICTED for SECURITIES FRAUD, and has basically NEVER SOLD ANYTHING but STOCK, (dilution currently at over FOUR BILLION SHARES).

    B. There is NO "jumper" per se, just a prototype.

    C. mPhase currently is in DEFAULT of payments to the hack firm that loaned him money

    D. mPhase is currently NOT ALLOWED to sell any more shares due to a SEC manadated DTC CHILL, commonly handed down due to stock manipulation and gross violation of SEC rules.

    E. So now DURANDO is desperately trying to hood-wink the naive that he is aggressively MARKETING his YET TO BE PRODUCED PRODUCT (the jumper) by plopping down a hundred bucks to join a cool organization that pretty much anybody can join.

    F. But how can he aggressively market? The company has no cash to speak of. No smart money involved, just slimy predetory third tier loan companies. And NO PRODUCT that has ever sold to produce anything remotely close to income even though he has HAWKED about 7 uniquely differently products over the years.

    G. mPhake management is very, VERY well paid for producing basically nothing for several decades now, see financial filings for PROOF, specifically the 10K's.

    See, they tease and temp but never produce....16 years now. But they have sold FOUR BILLIONS SHARES to float the company, thereby themselves.

    Anybody? Can you prove these FACTS false? Please, try, knock yourself out!

    WARNING don't walk RUN!!!!

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