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  • camguy99nine camguy99nine Feb 12, 2013 3:10 PM Flag

    Now WINNING135 and RESEARCHCO aliases have been tied together

    MORE PROOF of tying these multi-year PUMPER aliases together and back to the original board stalker PUMPER alias ROCKER. Check this newbies.

    Go to the link below, which is the XDSL message list ARCHIVE and once there, look at the PHRASE being used in the SEARCH BOX and then look at the list....the ONLY TWO aliases using it are


    both of which are the ones most fixated on the "stooges" thing, both which have no ring of truth to them and both of which can't stand that myself, MARKMD, NICK, TJ, CHARLES etc. have spent our time EXPOSING THIS SCAM company that Rocker lost his rear on many years ago and now can't let go.

    The other post on that list are simply reply's to post that have that phrase in the subject title box.

    Again, Rocker, YOU ARE BUSTED. Grow a spine and move on. This company is a SCAM and any NEWBIE who checks it out knows're money is gone. Stop trying to created P&D's to make a few pennies back.

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