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  • nicktraverser nicktraverser Aug 6, 2013 10:37 AM Flag

    Thebrilliance of camguy

    WRONG! Electro wetting the basis of mPhakes nano battery tech has been around for years and years.

    FACT: it was shelved by LUCENT till Durando bought licensing rights to play with it, approx. 2007.

    Why do you think LUCENT a multi-billion dollar company had it shelved?

    Why do you think no other company with MILLIONS to BILLIONS to spend on battery technology ever touched it? ....Duracell, Ray-O-VAC, Energizer etc. etc.?

    Durando has and is simply running a SCAM, just like with his last shelved technologies nobody wanted to develop i.e. DSL over copper, magnotometer, etc. etc.

    Did you know mPhake has no lab, no research facilities, no staff of scientists, no fab to manufacture products,? It's ALL hired out if at all? They are a small group of individuals, approx. 8 that license rather


    PAY a research facility to play with it, i.e. Georgia Tech, Lucent, etc.,

    PAY sleazy marketing firms to HAWK the results of the play, i.e. Jonathan Lebed (who use to live down the street from Durando, FACT)

    PAY to borrow money from sleazy third tier lenders and in return give CD's and/or WARRANTS to them to convert to discounted shares to dump into the market after PUMPING with


    Durando SELLS STOCK, period, it's the only thing he has ever consistently sold succesfully at mPhake. And, he learned how to do that in his previous career of being a penny stock broker (FACT).

    IT HAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE A SCAM. And many companies at this snails bellow level of the market are doing the exact same thing.

    But, hey, don't take my word for it. Do your own DD, spend a lot to time like I have over 10 years and find it out for yourself....THE EXACT SAME THING!

    One last thought, EVEN IF Durando was actually able to create some sort of market for his battery tech, his debt and OS count on shares all but WIPES YOU, (the retail share holder), OUT of the loop. Don't believe that either? Ask, a financial advisor to run the numbers. mPHake would have to have sales in the 10's to 100's of millions BUT they can't even get the prototype into production, not that they really even ever wanted to...JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHER FAILED TECHS he has HAWKED.


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