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  • winning135 winning135 Aug 13, 2013 1:40 PM Flag

    Next phase for mPhase

    New product release or bankruptcy? Watch for new products soon!

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    • Bankruptcy? You mean the Traverser isn't selling?

    • "Next Phase" for mPhase? Same as always NO PHASE. Give it a rest freak. Folks these pumper aliases that live here, Rocker, Winning135, Researchco etc., all these aliases are the same old dude who got conned years again by Durando and can't let go. So he spends his years his mindlessly pumping this sc-am.

      Again folks, Durando has NEVER had a "product" in his 27 year history of runnng mPHAKE pumping many different types of technology, NEVER. Other than the so-called "flashlight", of which he had some chop shop make VERY LIMITED runs of it, then he placed them on a few NOTHING WEBSITES with a price tag of just under $300.00 dollars. This was to give the illusion of him having brought a product to market.

      But simply check ANY 10Q or 10K statement over the years and you will see ZERO or very near ZERO sales.

      Durando sells stock, period, hence the BILLIONS and BILLIONS of outstanding shares on this sub-penne sc-am of a company. He's an ex-penne stock broker and he's been indicted for stock fraud, selling stock to unsuspecting mom and pop types is what he does.

      He gets is money by selling CD's and Warrants to insiders who then convert them into deeply discounted shares and dump them into the market when Durango does one of his incessant F_LUFF PRESS RELEASE campaigns to suk-ker in the naive mom and pop newbies.

      Them's the FACTS folks.

    • Where will they get the money to develop this new product?? LOL

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