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  • camguy99nine camguy99nine Nov 7, 2013 7:30 PM Flag

    For the ACTUAL NEWBIES, not the new ID'd of the same old PUMPERS

    ...who lost there a$$es and can't move on.
    This stock has been a SCAM for 16 years. The proof is ample and easily available. mPHAKE never has had a product to sell on a mass scale.

    They are 10's of millions in debt.
    They have NO cash
    They have NO fab for manufacturing
    They have NO smart money investors e.g. institution, etc.
    They have NO contracts with any retailers or even any interest
    They have NO distribution network.
    They have NO technology they own per se, they lease it.

    mPHAKE is in the business of selling stock. Has been since 1996. Every 3-7 years, they license another companies shelved technology, hire a lab to run some tests to give the illusion they are developing it, hire a design shop to make some prototypes and then perhaps hire a machine shop to make some product types.

    All the while they PUMP to create shares, MASSIVE DILUTION, to dump onto the unsuspecting public.
    The proof is all there for those willing to spend a little time to look. I have posted the proof ad nauseam in the past.

    With BILLIONS and BILLIONs of shares authorized and outstanding, EVEN IF THEY DID, somehow, get a product to market, which I might add typically costs around 30 million dollars to so, the cost associated with that would unequivocally WIPE OUT all existing shareholders.

    Don't believe me? Show mPHAKES business model and numbers to a trusted financial friend or advisor, and then after they get over their shock and/or uncontrolled laughter, let them tell you the same.

    See, I know Durando, I know Dotoli...they are as slimy as you can get. They are stock hucksters hiding behind dead technologies that the big boys shelved years earlier, e.g. electro-wetting, DSL over copper, magnotometer etc. etc.

    THEY ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF SELLING STOCK.....Period! That's the only "product" they have every had.

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