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  • camguy99nine camguy99nine Dec 13, 2013 10:43 AM Flag

    XDSL SCAM Outstanding Share Count, Boat Show etc.

    Shares Outstanding 5,761,726,649 a/o Oct 31, 2013
    Float 2,300,000,000 a/o Sep 21, 2012

    the above per the website pink sheets.

    ALMOST 6 BILLION folks! and approx 3.5 BILLION of that NOT FLOAT but rather the DISCOUNTED SHARES they sold to their scam penny stock buddies to make their money. Those discounted shares have and will be dumped into the market so the "buddies" can then make their money.

    See, how the con game gets played, hence the myraid of FLUFF PR's like the stupid boat show one where it keeps getting repeated that the jumper is now shipping and mPhake has to keep repeating GENERIC STATEMENTS with no real PROOF or MEANING about SALES etc....that alone is a major red flag.

    BTW, newbies, how many "jumper"s do you think mPhake has to sell to offset (so a profit) 5.7 SHARES? LOL!!!!

    They are in the business of SELLING STOCK folks period...that's how Durando and gang make money.

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