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  • billwilson1804 Aug 17, 2013 11:10 AM Flag

    Comprehensive harms a crime against humanity

    Only by not looking at the comprehensive harms of TarSands will TarSands continue to grow. As the world is waiting for alternatives and efficiencies the reckless industry and corruption spells trouble from all fronts. Begin by looking at the children being poisoned to prop up a leveraged industry tied to miss-information at best and it get worse downstream of operations. Betting against humanity is a bad bet. Disc. I am not short nor would in any way try to profit from the blind greed and ignorance coming from Canadian Tarsands and KeystoneXL.

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    • The real 'crime against humanity' is the one being played out now against americas youth. One the Global Elitist Bankers and their stooges (Obama and Co.) have played to perfection thru their so called 'educational system'.

      The majority of americans under the age of 30 couldn't even point to China on a world map.

      Just to make sure nobody questions their (globalist) 'authority' they have formed alliances with just about anybody they could pay off with $ or promises of 'legitimacy' .

      One of the biggest scams is the enviornmental movement, an obcessive compulsive brainwashing of the masses who's goal is to empower themselves and enslave the 'unwashed masses'.

      It's not just about the money. If it were just the money, there would/could be some reason to that end. No, it's about controlling other peoples lives. That is nothing less than pure unadulturated evil.

      I don't hate you because you are a 'tool', I pity you.


    • you in the wrong chat room bro...

    • Children being poisoned...? #$%$. Do any of you environmentalists have any first hand k owledge of the insanity you spew forth? Where are there any children where the tar sands are being operated?and if they eereup thefe - how would they be harmed?

      Do you drive a car? Any car. And you aren't safe from utter hypocrisy driving a hybrid or electric. The electricity more than likely comes from hydrocarbons and the batteries used to store/transfer the energy contain more toxins and nasty heavy metals than ever produced in the extraction of crude. While we are at it - how are you communicating on this thread? You aren't using a device made of those awful plastics derived from crude and using those toxic lithium batteries (of which most mines are owned by the Chinese with little to no concern for workers safety or rights).

      There are always tradeoffs in the production/consumption of energy. Rather than rail on proven and relatively safe ways to produce hydrocarbons - why don't you instead concentrate on educating around the thre "R"s - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

    • shall we have wind blow the cars around? or perhaps we can use the moons gravitational pull to move them...? reality is that we need a combustible fuel source my friend.. alternative energy is a nice idea, but its just not here... oil is

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      • billwilson1804 Aug 26, 2013 4:22 PM Flag

        For about 40 years the industry always demands growth and to be subsidized for it. Either jobs or the environment is the favorate cry. Yet today we hear of hundreds of thousands of jobs from Keystone only to learn there will be about 25 full time ones once completed and more jobs lost as we continue to deny like give aways to alternatives and efficiencies. We can cut back more than the industry will ever admit and move faster into alternatives. China is spending 750 billion on this fiver year plan for alternatives and in Germany we see coal shutting down. Costs are coming down fast and the mad rush is wasteful. Downstream of cleaning the cancers are about 10 times more frequent and dito for refining as far as asthma and reports of cancer. Spills being socialized along with the costs of medical as the industry refuses to move to alternatives. Bad investment should the gap between the reality of harms and the stock prices held with the perception the growth can continue.

    • Oil also has done and can do much good for humanity!

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    • You ever consider how much HARM our wars in the Mideast to American soldiers and lost USA investment result in that zoo? IMO by opposing North American energy (oil sands) you favor the environmental dangers over American lives and wasted US dollars.

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      • billwilson1804 Aug 30, 2013 12:07 PM Flag

        I think it mocks the many years and many lives lost. We could have honored these brave people by moving quickly off of our growth dependency on ever dirtier and coslier carbon. Not doing so we are bringing the death and destruction to our continent and children already paying the price not soldiers. That mocks any idea of just war. More jobs from alternatives and more dollars to the real economy not a few concentrating the money in new schemes to capture what wall street does of gimmicks to short America.

    • Get with technology and blow your nose!

    • The "crime against humanity" is the bald faced lies that very well-paid lobbyists are paid (by their corporate benefactors) to recruit airhead celebrities to then regurgitate their creed to the great unwashed. Religion is verboten these days, but "eco" anything is the new sacred.

      It is absolutely frightening how collectively stupid people can be, endangering their own welfare out of the myopic, baseless 'cause-du-jour'.

      Speaking of whicvh....whatever happened to 'save the cute seals'? Not long ago, I saw fishermen in the northeast U.S. have begun complaining that seals have spread like rats southward, and that they're destroying the fish stocks...imagine that!!

    • co2 in air enhances plant growth.
      LONDON—Australian scientists have solved one piece of the climate puzzle. They have confirmed the long-debated fertilization effect.

      Plants build their tissues by using photosynthesis to take carbon from the air around them. So more carbon dioxide should mean more vigorous plant growth – though until now this has been very difficult to prove.

      Randall Donohue of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Organisation in Canberra, Australia, and his colleagues developed a mathematical model to predict the extent of this carbon dioxide fertilization effect.

    • another tree hugger that's getting all hyperventilated.

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