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  • bidwellwon bidwellwon Jan 20, 2012 12:45 PM Flag

    Union Greed - Temporary Workers - Oversea Production

    Thought I'd try and cover multiple subjects at one. I encourage all union employees to read this with an open mind.


    Some comments on this board made reference to executives high salary and bonus compensation. Folks, as an investor in Cooper, I have to tell you that Cooper Execs are paid quite low compared to other tire competitors. While it's true some make a few million <wish I did>, that's not a high compensation package in today's standards.

    And while union employees and people in the "CAMPING OUT" movement like to pick on executives and their high compensation ...... they say nor do anything about athletes, actors and musicians and their ridiculously high compensation. At least CEO's, CFO's, and the likes work for companies that provides thousands of jobs year in and year out. If you are going to complain about a CEO's compensation, then picket a Steelers game, or a new movie, or a rock concert.

    TEMPORARY WORKERS - It's obvious that union employees tried to put quality into question on this board. As I understand it, these temporary employees all have manufacturing experience. Many of them are tire builders from other plants. And I am sure Cooper has quality controls in place. Quality is not an issue.

    OVERSEAS JOBS - So how is an American company supposed to survive if it has to pay it's workers 5X or even 10X more than foreign competitors are paying their workers? The foreign competitors use the same equipment, the same technology. I have a set of Cooper's on my car that were built in China. They won the best tire rating in a leading magazine ... better than Michelin, better than Bridgestone. The best. So unions might want to complain about companies shipping jobs overseas, but unions won't look themselves in the mirror. It's unions that are forcing jobs overseas.

    TODAY's NEWS - I am glad to see that a tentative agreement has been reached. Great news for the investors!

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    • Ignorance isnt bliss...These CEOs are destroying these companies..How many tires have to be manufactured just to pay a few people..Does this ceo add any value to the tire does he even touch the product? The worker adds value to it as he touches it..I bet with coopers profit margin it takes tens of thousands of tires to be built just to pay a few top people...wich should be shareholder money Theres no way any one guy can be worth paying millions to in the tire industry unless hes making a huge scientific break thru..and no you cant compare athletes and actors to CEOs becuz they are the product and can sell it to whoever they please..Wakeup before its to late in this country

    • Union greed?, you have to do some homework. Please check out how and why Unions got started, Wall St firns have no Or very few Unions but large firms have be shut down after near 100 yrs and thousands of workers put in the street - the kicking is that all the Upper Management got (large paychecks) even when the firm was "BROKE & shutting the doors.
      When a firm is in trouble, more lower payed workers get layoff or fired then CEOs or upper management. Do you know where the rubber trees are in this country ? What is the % of Union workers to Non-Union. We have a battle since the coal mine and Railway fights for a fair wage and repect for the working man/ woman,it easy to blame Unions but Unions don't raise the price of milk,bread and just the basic needs - are farmers Union?. We have fishing poles and equipment coming for "NAM" you where about a plan in 1967 so you are to young to have been in any of the wars and about 23 when we fought the sand war - you might have been in college. I'm a proud VET and Union Man. The bottom line is the company's move production for CHEAP Labor, 45% of stuff comes out of china and 47 other country's We have Mc Donald's in country's we fought in ( non Union),(7 - 11) (Dell Computer) ,Coke was the first firm to sell soda in China. The reason other then profits, companys move oversea's YOU have less laws and can do things you can't do in the USA ( UNION or NOT), like work people 15 hrs a day without Comp. .
      No one like working for a dallar and a Bowl of rice. The next time you EAT OUT - LOOK at the Plate, the floor, lights and the server. Don't blame UNION Workers for Greed -all that is asked is a fair (fare) share of the profit they help you make Million and then some . 10.5c in div's is a share of the profit's

    • You are absolutely correct ... every American worker should recognize the reality of the world ... Chinese teenagers working 16 hours a day for .68 an hour and a cup of tea ... no medical, no pension ... that is your future ... you do this all for me ... so, that I can buy more mansions ... more, more, more ... unions are what is evil about America ... keep up the good work my little monkey ... post more, watch Fox News ... you are a good little monkey!

    • bought some CTB in the mid $13's recently, they provide alot of the aftermarket tires, case in point, bought (4) ATP's, the new model for my Silvy 4x4, unbelievably great tires, last forever too

      I feel CTB could hit $20 in 2012 by election time, IMO

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