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  • Minn_sea Minn_sea Jul 30, 2003 11:44 AM Flag

    What the new CLL Trial means.

    The new trial announcement for CLL inserts Rituxan (a mab) in the cocktail along with fludarabine. Also, it includes first line patients.

    What this means is that the new trial (a PII) will pair Genesense with the newest agent Rituxan & a standard cytotoxin - which is the latest and perhaps most effective therapy.

    It could be done just to expand the market for Genesense to first-line therapy, or could be a cover for shortfalls seen in the current PIII. We dont know.

    When data on the PIII is released, we will know. For now there is both a good interpretation and an negative one, both existing together. A bit like Schroedinger's cat.


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