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  • chickenhatsdotcom chickenhatsdotcom Aug 29, 2007 12:26 PM Flag

    MCCY - market maker NITE busted on IHUB message board .....

    I was wondering why this "DownWithPumpers" alias appeared all of a sudden out of the blue on the MCCY message board of Well last night, it was uncovered that this individual is employed by Knight Capital Group. Guess who's shorted the living snot out of MCCY ever since the day it began trading ? That's right .... NITE. This poster repeatedly insisted that MCCY didn't have an address, meanwhile the poster "joenatural" refuted every false word that DWP threw out there, as "joenatural" just recently returned from Canada after meeting with the company and even posted a group photo he took in the MCCY ibox.

    Folks, if you've ever wanted that special opportunity to cash in big on a stock, MCCY is set up to make many very very wealthy. They have deals numbering in the hundreds of millions of dollars and yesterday they announced an OEM agreement with Volkswagen.

    You should have seen the trading yesterday, as the ask was being hit hard and often, only to watch NITE take down the PPS. Those who have watched the day to day trading on MCCY since day one know exactly what I'm talking about. NITE is in super deep and trying their best to crawl out from underneath a huge boulder. They have managed to allow the stock to see two awesome runs, but what they created yesterday will blow the stock through $1.00, as the current artificial PPS won't last forever. One cannot allow themself to forget the recent three week period when the stock was trading at .20, yet wouldn't even budge thanks to NITE's tactics.

    In addition, MCCY has a new partner that was discovered yesterday, as Argo Navigation (recently acquired by MCCY) was spotted in the partnership section of AnyDATA's website

    It's been rumored (and even MCCY put out a PR about the buyout rumor) that MCCY is in talks with Qualcomm. Funny how AnyDATA has several licensing agreements already in place with Qualcomm and

    The company only has to generate approximately $1.3 million in net income (GPM is 80%) with a P/E of 30 to have a PPS of .50 and with an order for 300K units already placed with its supplier, .50 is comical, although NITE doesn't find this funny at all.

    The current PPS is totally artificial, but not for long, as the float is 24 million shares and over 10 million shares are in the hands of wealthy doctors and executives. These holders are not stock market savvy people and are individuals waiting for a huge pay day.

    Do some research and find out why MCCY is headed to $50.00 and not .50

    Have a "PECKTACULAR" day !!

    Chicken Man.