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  • Retired_8_1_1991 Retired_8_1_1991 Feb 23, 2002 9:33 PM Flag

    PRU must be NUTS! (Stock will Tank)

    Barron's Page 2, Feb 25, issue - full page advertisement for:
    $ 3 billion, 478 million, 750 thousand bucks!

    Another 126,500,000 shares of common stock secondary offering at 27.50 per share! Anybody know what the "H" is going on here??? I thought they were going to buy back their stock! What a bunch of Liars!!!!

    Any comments appreciated!


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    • Appreciate the suggestion, but I've got a solid plan in place. My 40% piece of the pie in stock consists of solid companies with historical growth rates of about 15%.

      My top dog is a privately held company with '01 revenues of $16 bil, EPS of $2.65, no long term debt, rock solid financials, and a 20% increase in stock price for each of the past 10 years. The stock will be worth about 1/4 $mil in 5 years.

      Two of my publicly traded companies are referred to as the "most admired" in the respectful industries.

      The other 60% I referred to will soon be all high grade NEW bond and preferred issues (no buys of currently traded debentures or pfds).

      I state the above not in a bravado sense, but to make the point which many investors do not live by...have a plan; follow the plan; stay with solid, proven companies and/or highly rated investment instruments, and invest for the LONG TERM.

      If only my son would listen.

    • Bobby---have you considered FFF? It is by no means risk free, but I expect that the Fortune 500 should produce much better than 10 or 12 % returns over the next few years. You don't mention what your time frame is, and you may have to move the $$ somewhere down the road, but the general market should have a pretty good time ahead for at least a few years.

    • I should have said fixed, guaranteed, insured, ***12%*** (not 20%).

    • LOL, you know, I was reminded of a few cyber-friends on another board---they L-O-V-E "playing the market"---about a year or so ago, I asked them if they could put all their money into a fixed, guaranteed, insured investment at 20% interest a year (they would have to "tie it up" for 20 yrs.), WOULD THEY DO IT?

      LOL, they said "NO"---they enjoyed "playing the market" too much and thought they could do better than 20% anyway.

      Well, the other day they asked me if they could change their minds :-)

      Sounds like you have it all under control.

      Good luck to you.

    • Ignore the nay-sayers on Pru. The stock will do better than the Dow. I know the company well. I expect to see the price p/sh at $40+ by YE. It's moving sideways now, but that will change when earnings start coming for 2002. I've got several hundred shares with a buy for more at slightly under $30 (looking for a dip related to overall NYSE movements).

    • Wiz,no plan is 40% in stock and 60% in income producing issues. The 40% is split 20% solid corps (1 company privately held--9/11 had no effect), and 20% spread around large and small cap growth.

      The 60% will end up splitting into mid to high grade debentures and preferreds, remics and maybe some short term new corp bond issues;, if any come along.

      My plan might change if the "8%-12% no risk investments" actually exist.

    • en798~~

      The optimism is still there WITH ME and I think many of the "silent majority" on the board.

      If you will re-read my post, I mentioned that IF one is satisfied with a 8-12% total return, I would recommend this stock highly. I did NOT say that I think it will ONLY do 8-12%. I went on to say that, personally, I would be disappointed if it did not do 30%. I do think that it will be 30% higher on its 1st anniversary as a publicly traded company come December, 2002. [I'm now "on record".]

      I believe that PRu will make up most of the 30% during the last half of the year...IMHO.

    • Bobby, There are many triple tax free instuments with proven records. I'm sure you know a few. No,I don't know of anything risk free but certainly more secure then this. The excitement on this board has certainly muted.I used to read opinions that PRU would return alot more then 8% and now it seems that holding its present price is up for discussion.The optimism seems non existent. Don't get me wrong, I own this and would love to see some action on it.

    • bobby~~

      Are you moving "several hundred thousand $$$ into low risk, highest yield possible instruments..." ---because,

      of concerns with the "stock market"?


      "personal reasons"?

      You don't have to answer, of course, but I was just curious.

    • This question is in good faith, becaue I am presently moving several hundred thousand $$$ into low risk, "highest yield possible" instruments.....What investment opportunities exist "which have no risk, but yield only a fraction lower than 8%-12%"?

      The best I've found all have some risk if I intend to cash out before maturities, which are typically 12-15 years out (all callable before maturity).

      The 'I-bonds' stink, as do bonds or preferreds which are currently trading. New issues seem to be better with a return of 6.75%-7.75% grading at BBB+ to AAA. What's available that can beat that?

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