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  • mtownheels mtownheels Jul 30, 2004 11:55 PM Flag

    Any word on the SEC

    investigation on PRU? Rumor has it could be a costly settlement.

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    • I never said PP was a saint either but look who he was associated with. I've known PP for a long time and up till the time that he met up with BS everything changed. The almighty dollar was dangled in front of him and that sure the heck changed him.

    • You have me confused with hartfordbrokerpru. But I do know his former asst. PP and he is no saint.

    • The answer to those questions are: I am neither of them. I am not the so called Market Timers FA's nor am I Amy Kosmin. But I do know them very well. This could go on for ever. It doesn't matter who I am.
      But I know BS just as well as you and he is not the god you make him out to be

    • Are you one of the market timer secretaries or are you back office? Amy Kosmin?

    • I am none of them. I never worked with him I just worked in the same office.
      And further more it doesn't matter who I am all that matters is what I know of him and how he treats others.
      You make him sound like he's a god and I can tell you and any other reader that by far BS is no god.
      You sound like a person who is a little jealous of his former assists. Whats wrong with making 250m per year or even 100m a year.
      And for your information BS's last assistant never took and unscheduled day off, worked his butt off and got the biggest slap in his face, when BS denied any wrong doings in a dead mans account. When I know for a fact that it was BS who told the assistant what to do and how to go about doing it.
      So big deal you've known him for 20years would you like a DEWEY button

    • Are you the sales asst. that worked for him for two years that he was so appreative to, that he helped get her a huge job at Adams Harkness who last I heard was making over 250m per year or are you the one he helped get a job over at Eaton Vance who is the asst. to the President now, and making over 100m per year. Or are you the one who always came in late, called in sick, did half ass work, and had poor work ethic? I wonder which one you are? Signed, a friend who really knows BS for the last 20 yrs.

    • Boy we must be talking about the wrong BS then
      because the one I know, doesn't care who he hurts or steps on. And he sure the heck does care about the people that work with him.
      I should know I worked with him, I saw him day in and day out. He most loyal subject was
      terminated because of BS's bull. And I'm not a broker and jealous of BS thats a joke. Yeah he does right by his clients check out his client from Framingham, did he do right by his son.

    • Again, you are applying a double standard, and are being hypocritical. Your original beef was that he had "stolen" confidential client information. Now your beef is what he is going to do with that info. I still say this is no different than Wachovia/PSI paying a broker to steal confidential client information and send that initial letter out on letterhead to someone who may or may not have given their permission for this activity. What makes me so upset is that PSI/Wachovia and all other firms want everyone to sign confidentiality agreements and then hypocritically ask their competitors to violate those very same type of agreements. I say you have no case. I say stealing a tv set for your own personal use is no different than stealing a tv set to sell to a pawn shop. A broker who takes confidential client info to a competitor is doing so with the rationalization that he/she can do better for that client than his/her old firm. That is certainly no different than the situation you are describing. You just happen to be of the opinion that what confidential information he/she has won't benefit anyone. Others may have different opinions.

    • Thats not what this thief is saying. He has information that he is going to give to anyone that gives him their home address. How would you like your personal info passed out to anyone who contacts this thief? This person needs to be stopped.

    • This message is so funny I just can't stand it!! Each and every time that PSI and Wachovia recruited, or recruits, a broker from the competition, they are PAYING that broker to steal confidential client information. Fat chance they're going to be able to go after anyone for that offense!!

      Sounds like you're a company person. It's ok to be loyal and all that, but its not ok to be stupid, disingenuous, and hypocritical as well.

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