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    • Sorry Dr. Chemp, I just finished reading the states where
      home equity has dropped most. I'll have to agree with some
      of what you say now. FL is one of the states where home
      equity has dropped tremendously. So while it was a windfall
      for my friend to purchase a 4-bedroom home, and it made the
      realator happy, and the state of FL was happy because it did
      not have to foreclose....the home owner whose home equity had
      dropped so much, was forced to sell at a loss. Now, all can
      judge fairly on your subject. I no longer say all economy is
      improving, just in certain instances...for instance to have
      no job and then to be given a union paying job is surely an
      improvement for him. You all judge, I don't know.

    • Depends upon what level economy you are talking about.
      For those who aren't in the highest end of $, a person I know
      was unemployed, was excited when he was hired as a full time
      employee for a waste management (garbage) company....he was
      elated, a full time job shows an improving economy for him.
      Bravo for this happy person.

      Another level that a personal acquaintance is in: Not hurting financially...purchased new red cadillac, cash, at a
      price he would pay.....went to FL, found a luxurious condo
      listed at $390,000. and purchased for $180,000...very happy
      and so was real estate company, property at luxurious gulf
      facility....offered opportunity to buy entire contents of
      home, very elegant, was asked for $5,000...paid $1,000 for
      4-bedroom home's furniture.....will live there in winter
      and return home to collect rentals once a happy
      he celebrated with a month trip to Italy.

      Two individuals living in the same town, both are happy with
      what they have achieved. Judge for yourself if economy is improving. I say yes.

    • Or maybe lots of folks found out that conserving energy while tightening their belts didn't effect their lifestyle much at all and are continuing the practice.

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      • Or maybe WashDC lies about economic recovery. I would guess large utilites like AEP make more of there profit from industrial customers, than running mom and dad's microwave, TV and air conditioner.

        Think about the likes of Alcoa and Steel Dynamics when you think of potential AEP customers. Better for both of us to listen to thier CC. More info is better than less info when you're trying to track the gov't liars.

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