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  • jkwelli jkwelli Oct 15, 2012 11:31 AM Flag

    Only thing Mittsy is sure about is cutting PBS Subsidy. Pathetic.

    PBS gets $450 million per every 2 years or $225 million per year.

    Oil subsidies are $4-5 BILLION per year.
    Farm Subsidies are $5 BILLION per year.

    Startling that Mittsy is silent about other subsides but yet so certain he will cut PBS.

    Why can't Mittsy confidently vow to cut $4 BILLION in big oil subsidy?

    Why can Mittsy confidently vow to cut $5 BILLION in farm subsidy?

    Mittsy is man without a plan.

    IMO, since he refuses to reveal details about his taxes I don't think he is trustworthy.

    Mitt also refuses to reveal details about how he will pave streets in gold, balance the budget.

    He did vow to give the wealthy a huge tax break by eliminating the estate tax which only hits wealthy with estates more than $5 million.

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    • Why don't you take the time and google OIL and Farm subsidies and see where that money actually goes and how it is acllocated and see the Dems love most of them because the subisidies go to pay for low income programs. So while it seems that the oil cos are getting the subsidies they are in fact not the ultimate beneficiaries of such. It is really enlightneing to seek and find knowledge , of course you have to be not intellectually curious or honest but Corageous. Try it see what happens google it!

    • antnobodysbusinessbutmyown antnobodysbusinessbutmyown Nov 5, 2012 10:31 AM Flag

      you sir are a flaming #$%$ without education or knowledge and have you ever gotten a job from a poor man?

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