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  • iambenjamingraham iambenjamingraham Mar 26, 2010 1:44 PM Flag

    For the Record: Haveseen's record - it's GREAT comedy.


    I'm informed that haveseen_whatever is at it again. Why anyone would listen to this fellow's "advice"??????

    Remember this is the genius who
    (1) predicted on Feb 28th that WAC would never go above 15 and it did in just 5 days
    (2) who thinks WAC is committing massive "fraud" by not having a license in some states
    (3) who couldn't tell us about Gilbert AZ
    (4) had a "business" that he sold for $5 million and then lost all the money (that one is my personal favorite)
    (4) has busy weekends flipping burgers at Burger "Queen".

    Just reminders of what a genius he is. Put him on ignore.

    If anyone is worried about price fluctuations just look at any company's stock listing. Note how there is a wide range between the yearly highs and lows - usually 50% or more. Why? Does the typical company's business results fluctuate 50% annually? Of course not, but investors' emotions do. Read my book The Intelligent Investor, chapter 8 and learn how to view market price fluctuations. Ignore the noise of "self-declared-experts" like haveseen_whatever_name_he's_chosen_this_week.

    Unless WAC reports a change in business results there is no factual reason for price fluctuations - just investors' emotions and opinions.

    This topic is deleted.
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