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  • Latichever Latichever Jun 14, 1999 4:30 PM Flag

    why prox up?

    long on prox, but would appreciate any info on why this stock has been on a nice little tear of late? anything in particular?

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    • you have my ear - what's next ?
      I couldn't get
      in to MCOM but turned my co-worker on. I am now her
      hero and got a free lunch. All my $$ save a few bucks
      on in EXDS and BRCM. Lotta play lately on ISLD but
      don't bother we are all probably to late. I'm going to
      sell a couple of losers so please post !

    • How did you come up with MCOM? You must be a
      f------ genius.You called prox going past 50 then you
      said it would go down when it closed at 58.I took your
      advise and sold at 55.I wish i would have listened to
      you on mcom.You now have my attention!How about 3 for

    • I meant the stock hit 50 and beyond overall not just Friday. What price will you be a buyer again at? and I wonder how real the Motorola buyout is.

    • I agree it is time to take some profits on PROX
      but it did not hit 50 on Friday.I will be buying
      again when I find another good entry point.Proxim is
      just starting to roll with alot of it's products.And
      with Intel and Motorola invested in Proxim they know
      how good their present products are and what is
      coming in R&D down the road.Besides if Jagnotes is right
      about Motorola keep your eyes open in the near term. 65
      per share estimated buyout. Also remember they are
      77% held by institutions and they, the MM's, will
      shake you outin a heart beat of most any stock that
      they would like to buy at a lower price!

    • This stock has had a nice run but it's time to cash out. Blowoff a few days ago on low volume- time to move on. Good luck to all Prox followers, it was a nice ride.

    • it was 22 tody and 18 yesterday :
      Listen to me
      guys , this is just leik PROXIM but the price is cheap
      now and it will reach 56 maybe by next couple of week

      so load up now
      and you remember me that I told
      you about the prox when it was 36dollars and I told
      you guys that prox goes up like that go and check all
      my MSG from lst 4 weeks
      and this time is MCOM
      turn , this company is turning around big time

    • Shore should be packed this weekend. Still
      remember those sausage sandwiches at Seaside Park. I do
      like DSL just not sure which one - probably CMTN since
      it supplies both NPNT and RTHM. I'm in heavy right
      now in both EXDS and BRCM. Plus i own RCNC which has
      not done much in the last month. I firmly believe
      RCNC will be bought out in the next year due to it's
      strong NorthEast presence.

    • We got out yesterday also.If your interested in
      the DSL xdsl etc. Checkout AWRE ,NTPA and I beleive
      the real sleeping giant here will be ALA. Another
      interesting play that We are into is CAIS Internet.Symbol
      CAIS. Very interesting technology. Always do your own
      research.Let me know when your coming to Mantoloking and I
      will give you a store or location to meet if you like
      because giving out e-mail addresses anywhere on message
      boards could be a real invasion of privacy in my

    • I sold out yesterday at 55.5 - it was a good ride
      since 40. Wasn't sure about the takeover rumors and
      felt i could make $$ faster elsewhere. Still think
      company looks good. Put the procees into BRCM. Looking at
      a couple of others now MAKR and the DSL family
      (NPNT, COVD, RTHM, CMTN. Maybe next week. Enjoy the 4th.

    • when Prox was at 37.5 and i told you guys that it
      will go uo like crazy and it did reach 57 , today and
      it is time for this to give back a little bid , and
      we are going to see some pull back
      I am not
      shor, i don't own any position, I just follow this
      company closely

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