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  • aeroaat aeroaat Jul 7, 1999 12:10 PM Flag

    There is no buy out of Proxim

    It is all a rumor it is not going to happen.

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    • >Get for David Cone, but $60 for PROX does
      more for my bank
      >balance. What gives? Any

      Sorry, Cone's just been my favorite player of any sport
      since he threw a one-hitter in '88 for the Mets and
      went on to 20-3 with a lower ERA, better win %, and
      more strikeouts than either Hershiser or Danny
      Jackson, yet finishing 3rd behind them in the Cy Young
      award voting cuz they had more wins and Hershiser had
      that 59-inning streak. He eventually won it with KC in
      a strike-shortened season, so I guess I should be

      Ironically, Hershiser's now the fifth
      starter for the Mets.

      As for PROX, no, I haven't
      heard anything. It's a tech small-cap, so it's

    • Get for David Cone, but $60 for PROX does more for my bank balance. What gives? Any news?

    • David Cone of the World Champions New York
      Yankees pitched a perfect game! With 10 strikeouts! With
      only 88 pitches! Woohoo! Yay! Yippee!

      Co-Ney! Co-Ney!
      (now why couldn't you have done that
      for the Mets?)

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    • The company e-mailed me and said that earnings would be posted on July 20th at 1:05p.m. P.T. after market closing.

    • When does PROX plan to announce earnings?

      Thanks in advance

    • about Proxim fast stuff...

      Announces Plans for Industry's Fastest Standards-Based
      Wireless Local Area Network

      Proxim RangeLAN5 to
      Utilize the HIPERLAN Wireless LAN Standard Delivering
      24-Mbps Data Rates

      MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., April
      19, 1999 � Announcing a new benchmark for wireless
      local area networking (LAN) speeds, Proxim, Inc.,
      (NASDAQ: PROX), today announced its plans for a high-speed
      product line based on the HIPERLAN Type 1 wireless LAN
      standard. The product family, called RangeLAN5�, will be
      compliant with the HIPERLAN standard and will support
      24-Mbps data rates and real-time multimedia applications.
      This marks the first announced product plan based on
      the open HIPERLAN standard approved for use in the
      U.S. and Europe.

      HIPERLAN-based products
      operate in the 5 gigahertz (GHz) band and deliver 24-Mbps
      data rates, more than twice that of announced 11-Mbps
      wireless LAN products. Operating at 5 GHz, HIPERLAN
      systems do not interfere with installed 2.4 GHz wireless
      LANs, eliminating the possibility of downtime or
      reduced throughput of existing systems. The HIPERLAN
      standard also specifies support for isochronous services,
      offering superior performance for demanding multimedia
      applications, video distribution, and voice communications with
      Quality of Service.

      "I'm very pleased to see
      Proxim adopting the HIPERLAN standard," said Craig
      Mathias, a principal at the analyst firm Farpoint Group.
      "HIPERLAN offers throughput that can satisfy even the most
      ardent wired-LAN user, support for Quality of Service,
      and the opportunity for near-global mobility. This is
      a very bold move for Proxim."

      "HIPERLAN was
      designed from the ground up for high-speed, high-capacity
      wireless networking with true multimedia support," said
      Brian Button, Proxim Sales and Marketing vice
      president. "In addition, it is the only standard that is
      certifiable internationally that takes advantage of the large
      capacity of the 5 gigahertz band. These HIPERLAN product
      plans reflect Proxim's continued support of open
      standards-based technology in the marketplace."

      Proxim's RangeLAN5 product line
      is anticipated to be available in early 2000. First
      products will include PC and PCI cards, access points, OEM
      design-in modules, and repeaters. Pricing will be similar
      to today's 1-Mbps and 2-Mbps wireless LAN systems.

      The HIPERLAN (HIgh PErformance Radio
      LAN) Type 1 wireless LAN standard was ratified by the
      European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) in
      1996. HIPERLAN products are certifiable through ETSI in
      Europe and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
      in the U.S. HIPERLAN was designed to provide
      wireless performance equivalent to that of wireline LANs,
      such as Ethernet. In addition to higher data rates, up
      to 24 Mbps, the HIPERLAN specification incorporates
      specific Quality of Service (QoS) parameters which
      prioritize network traffic and deliver time-sensitive
      packets first, ensuring predictable results for
      transmission of isochronous services such as video and voice
      communications. HIPERLAN operates in the 5 GHz frequency band
      using Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying (GMSK) modulation,
      and co-exists with current 2.4 GHz wireless LAN

    • Thanks for your response. I had heard about PROX's new high speed stuff coming. Do you know if it will follow an ethernet or proprietary standard?

    • I checked out the Sharewave website. Looks like
      they are not shipping a product yet and they have
      don't seem to have much experence with this technology.
      Most likely the company is buying theirchips set from
      a vendor (Harris? Lucent?). This will increase the
      cost of any product sold....

      Remember, Proxim
      is comming out with some high speed products next
      year (at 24 Mbits/sec).

    • NYTimes article mentioned company called
      Sharewave that will be introducing wireless products that
      move data at ethernet speed using the ethernet
      standard. Does Proxim have any plans for such a product.
      Long on Proxim, but this new development worries

      BTW any thoughts about selling calls versus buying
      puts as hedge?

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