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  • leave_it_to_beaver1 leave_it_to_beaver1 Oct 20, 2008 6:59 AM Flag

    The patents were a side show, the pipeline is the real McCoy..

    If Ariad can't patent a process (which it was), no one can. Was a silly side show by Dr. Berger. Now, let's get back to creating PATENTABLE PRODUCTS!

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    • Correct.

      As stated in the now election year silent N.Y. Times a few years ago, patent law must be flexible to be effective. They were refering to the new information techs and genetics. Using early American inventions as a model the Times noted patent laws were broader and less focused on method. If not, only a dedicated fortunate few would be willing or able to beigin many explorations. Flash foward to the NFkB patent. The most important thing to note is this was not Ariad's work or patent. Ariad enjoyed an exclusive license to use it. It belonged to hard working investigators at those noted major institutions. Students and professors working hard toward a commercial setting to bring good drugs to market. That may no longer be attractive if these rulings hold up. Our board socialists in their one eyed intelligence ignore all other similar type patents and obsess on this particualr MIT patent. The mass man saviours here have once again shown us the fruits of their beliefs. George Bush and friends at Eli Lily and other major Pharma could play golf and share debutantes as others toil in unknown territory. When the hard work is done and some easy pickens appear the big boys come in and rape the landscape as usual. In this case quick toxic drugs. After all what respect for the area they exploit would they have , they only show up when some low hanging fruit appear. Yes the blind hate boys posting here and elsewhere disregarding all other same type patents now help the Bush and Lilly et al's by supporting a practice of easy come easy go. More toxic drugs done quickly and poorly. Nothing like blind hate. Call it spread the wealth. We call it the wealthy throwing a bone to the idealogs. It has happened all throughout history. The death of Joe the plumber "The American Dream'. You work they play. If you get good at it you pay more they play more. The products become substandard. It happens "every" time and if you don't agree look at the models of it all over the world. It is not odd that the blind posters didn't mention that one of the best patent officers of the time gave MIT the patent go ahead. Just thoughts on old news not signifiant these days.

      Today's news

      Ariad targeting Prostate cancer. Do you think Lilly is peeking in?

      “The start of this clinical trial illustrates the ongoing progress being made in the clinical development of deforolimus in multiple indications,” stated Harvey J. Berger, chairman and chief executive officer of ARIAD. “ We are executing on the global development plan for deforolimus and achieving the milestones that have been set by the collaboration.”

      Ariad has it. Pharma needs it. Today is good, tomorrow is yet to unfold. My watch is broken.

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