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  • trekrock trekrock Jan 8, 2014 6:50 AM Flag

    ARIA and other Market news

    The markets are flush with cash in bank vaults that are going to in fact be used to propel growth
    on a never seen before level of stability in our countries history.
    The debt burden will decline from the expansion rate of the GDP in a fashion not seen post WW2.
    This is coming fact.
    You will see it unfold over the next decade, especially under a new Congress and Presidency coming in the future. You will see Washington bounce back in the coming three years like a rubber band. The future is racing faster at us to these coming facts. It is going to be wonderful, you will see.

    Based not on rumor but the dynamics of information that you are not privy to will present these coming events.

    Our next President will bring together in the most historic way our leadership on all levels of our government.

    This will propel our country to the next level, to as they say escape velocity from March 2009.

    You will see in fact that Obama and Ben did a perfect job from keeping you, I and the world from a great depression on March 9, 2009 that would have begun to take us to a level in our markets we would NOT have been able to repair for decades. The world was at the brink of collapse as we know it. That is fact.

    You have witnessed a well laid out plan that took 57 months and what you will see is political leadership that will reinforce our governments tapering and it will help propel the infusion of over 17 Trillion dollars back into the free markets. That $17 Trillion will be protected by low interest rates well into 2015 and beyond.

    These are the best of times, they are times to buy and hold for the long ride higher.
    The markets will correct, adjust but they will go higher. When you infuse 0ver 17 Trillion slowly
    into the world economy great things are going to happen. There will be no bubble to stop this stable expansion.

    Congress will pass a budget soon. They have no choice. Total anarchy is not an option. Downgrades are not an option. They will get the job done.

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