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  • ttaberhomes ttaberhomes Jan 30, 2014 12:45 AM Flag

    I was involved in a conversation this evening

    with a couple of guys whom are very involved in the Pharmaceutical field. He said their is really no way to know if a buy out will occur. But did say from the connections he has, and the chatter he has heard. It is highly probable that a Big pharma is ready to ink a deal. They expect a deal to be announced with in the next 30 days. If in fact an agreement could be made. From what I know about at least one of these guys. He is a strait shooter and has been right on the money in the past. After talking with them I feel a lot more confident that a buy out will happen.

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    • LOL. You are spreading false rumor. What is difference between you and Adam? Adam said his friend said something negative, and you said your friend said something positive.

    • Scoundrel....

    • I believe the daily mail also said a buyout would happen with HGSI a couple of times and each time it never took place. Several months later after the price of HGSI had dropped 50% since the buyout rumor down to 7 bucks, the buyout finally happened and it went for 14 which was the price it went to when the rumor first landed.

      If the same story occurred with ARIA, the stock would drop first to $4.50 over several months due to weak Iclusig sales and then LLY would buy them for $9 share. In the end, the HGSI rumors had some truth to them but Just like ARIA may be doing, HGSI was hoping for a bidding war that never came...........

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      • mwindsweptfarm Jan 30, 2014 7:27 AM Flag

        Why would it drop to 4.50? It had already gotten to 7.00 on it's own merits before the rumor. The risk/reward here is too good to pass up. I don't believe it will drop under 7 and has the potential to go to 20.00....sounds good to me.

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      • HGSI first dropped from well over $30.00 to around 7.00 before being bought out. Just like aria dropped from $25.00/Same pattern. I was in HGSI from under 2.00.The day before FDA recommended approval I text my friend that if Adam is against it I am for it because he is always wrong. Just like DNDN from 2.00 to $54.00.The next day after closing at 2.25 HGSI opened at $12.00.I bought DNDN at 7,00 the next day it opened at $25.00.Adam wrote articles saying the FDA would regect both those drugs.

      • IMO the difference is that Ariad "must" sell at $20 or above to "make whole" the underwriters and institutional investors who floated the last two SIPOs. Another factor differentiating ARIAD HGSI is that the founder of Aria still runs the company and has major influence. Hazeltine basically "bailed" out of HGSI when he realized it's not all fun and games and perpetual success...

    • Hope this is true...

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