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  • sebs_stuff sebs_stuff Jan 21, 2008 7:34 PM Flag

    bought LULU at 60.35, cant wait for it to bounce back

    I bought it at 60.35 and am so happy happy to own the stock. I love the outfits and no i get to own a piece of the company. woohooo!!

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    • So you bought right at the top huh? LOL!

      I can laugh because I too have done that before. And having had that experience I would advise that you review your decisions and figure out where you went wrong. I'd also advice that you cut the "I'm so happy happy to own this stock" crap.

      Stocks are just stocks and there's no reason to become enamored with your position or yourself for having made it, ESPECIALLY when you are losing your shirt on it. If you love the company by all means shop there, which you can do whether you own the stock or not. Remember you can love the company without loving the stock.

      Who am I? I'm nobody. Just a fellow investor who's learned a few lessons the hard way. You are, of course, free to ignore me and do the same.

      I apologize in advance if my post in any way offends you, it was not intended to do so. It is also no reflection as to my opinion on this stock since I have none. Indeed I never heard of the company or the stock before tonight. Doing my DD now.

      Good luck to you.

    • ..Cindy you should post a picture of yourself in your LULU Yoga Attire....nice to see your positive energy

    • You did buy in at the top, so I hope for your sake it does goto $60 again.IMO i think it will, but lets face it, with this volatility, retail takes the biggest punch and it will take time.

      The reason I got into this stock was I could see a year ago girls and now some guys are buying this stuff like it was food, and this is with very little adverts.Quality stuff and the margins are high.This next quarter will prove to me and Im sure other investors, how this company performs when the weather gets cold.We just need to see how the U.S. takes hold of this, thats what ppl are banking on.I already see on the Lulu blog famous ppl wearing this and thats as good advertising as anything.As long as we dont see another vitasea fiasco,(and what BS that was) it will be smooth sailing.

    • Hang in there..... time will tell. LULU needs 3 to 4 strong quarters beating P.E.

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