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  • woodyee2 woodyee2 Jan 23, 2008 3:28 PM Flag

    LULU stores

    I will tell you that living in toronto, all I see is packed stores and cash registers that never quit at $100 an item. This baby is way oversold

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    • Both stores here in Ottawa are packed with young thin women buying. I've been monitoring it now for months. Anecdotal, I agree. It is true that you need to have a decent body to wear the form fitting clothing.

      When you go to Goodlife, a large Canadian gym chain, the group exercise classes have a lot of women sporting clothing with the lululemon logo. Yoga is also quite popular among white collar professionals who can afford and appreciate the high product quality.

      My main worry is can lulu ramp up production as they scale the number of stores and maintain product quality? If so they will print money.

    • I'm originally form TO and my wife loved this company, we now live in dallas, and the stores in dallas are empty- I am not sure if this company plays in the south with all the fat chicks

    • Same here in New York. I have never seen anything like it in my life. The woman are fighting for sizes.

    • Same here in Vancouver.Winter sales were off the hook.I was in with the gf and they were packed before and after Christmas.

      It's the US stores, this is what needs to be commented on.Some guy on the board is near Union Square, maybe he has a comment.

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      • They just opened their big store in Seattle (before the holiday). I talked with the sales people and they said they were really, really busy. Indicated that probably beat their store projection by a long shot. It seemed to continue through the New Year.

        I bought the stock b/c my wife and every one of her friends love the stuff. Every one in her yoga class is wearing it. They are offering "Get back in shape" classes for new moms at the store and bringing in local yoga people. Smart outreach for sure and it seems to be adding to sales. I hear that a lot of people are wearing the gear around the house and for a walk.

        I believe in these guys. It seems to be a phenomenon with a pretty high income group of people. They shouldn't be as pinched by the tighter economy.

        Good luck. Would love to hear what's happening in other stores that people visit.

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