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  • sisyphus_22 sisyphus_22 Jul 13, 2011 10:11 PM Flag

    help with the math, anyone ?

    Yahoo is showing market cap (actually "enterprise value" correcting for cash) of $7.2 BILLION ( ??? is this real )
    . . .and 142 stores.

    does this divide out to $49+ MILLION/store ?

    just askin'

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    • Valuation per store has never been used to analyze the retail sector. It is not the absolute # of stores that matter at all. It is the Profit Margins, Growth in Sq footage, EPS growth, debt leveles etc that will support the stock price. Using that metrix you would have never owned the stock.

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      • I am sure you're correct about using conventional analysis . . . I may have a form of autism, but, back in the day, when Krispy Kreme was opening stores and reporting remarkable #'s at every new store, I looked at sales/day/store and called mgmt to ask how many cash registers they had in those new stores. Then I did rev/cash register/day, then per hr - truly anal as only an autistic guy could be . . . .wondering how many donuts these people could be eating /hr ???!!! . . . .& so I concluded that the conventional analysts must know better


      • leave the bag. It is topped. LULU is going to drop like SODA.

    • I don't know if your number is exactly right, but yes, the per-store valuation is completely ludicrous. And remember this is a business with absolutely no barriers to entry. You come up with a design (which, in the clothing industry, you can pretty much copy with impunity) and get some Chinese contractors to do the seamstressing. Of course you wouldn't have LULU's proprietary fabric, but I'll let you in on an ancient Chinese secret: it's called Lycra.

    • The actual market cap is over $8.8 billion. Yahoo finance is horrible

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