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  • wall_st_bling wall_st_bling Jul 29, 2011 10:32 AM Flag

    Nevermind PUT volume...they're just "devaluing" the PUTS

    LOL....yeah..."devaluing" the PUTS.

    LOL....what an IDIOT.

    See you in the 30s.

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    • We'll see Wall_St. We'll see if they don't try the squeeze. My position is clear. I have a TON of puts here. The 30's would make my day.

      I'm not like you. I don't root for people to get hurt. It's really quite despicable.

      Folks, don't play this game. Think about it. What has LULU done over the past month that JUSTIFIES it being up about 50%? NOTHING. It has been pure manipulation. At some point, the large institutional holders are going to come to terms with the BEVY of lawsuits that will fly WHEN this craters and THEY are going to sell into the squeeze. Think about it. All of you have said to me this should be WAY lower, you just think there are a few more point to the upside. You can do that because you can liquidate your position without moving the market. The big holders cannot. So, if they aren't taking profits, when LULU does slow (SOON) or if the market really corrects, they will be facing a mutiny. Lawsuits, discovery, all sorts of messy stuff. Now, I don't think they are stupid or stubborn enough to let that happen. So, they are going to manage an orderly decline. I think that is what happened earlier when it reverses...

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      • Tech I think you're right about the manipulation and how they must exit and what they will do, but I believe there are more than a few points this will go up prior to. These guys are greedy and I think they believe they can take this thing much higher than 70 and gradually exit as it rachets back down to 60, and THEN boom we see the huge drop every short including me at one point has expected. Simply put there is just too much short interest outside of the institutions to let this fall now, they need to squeeze those guys out or turn many of them long so they can be on the other side short themselves making money both ways.

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