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  • gregbent gregbent Sep 26, 2011 10:55 PM Flag

    What did I tell you LULU SHEEP?

    and I am the guy who said in Mid Dec 2010 (when LULU was $70), that LULU would hit $120 in a 12 months, oops it only took 7 months. (pre-split).

    45 Stores in CANADA == means LULU can grow to 300-450 stores in US easy !! 3-5 years of growth ahead EASY. Plus add, Int'l and Ivvia.

    The stock will double again, this time it might take longer. But we will get up to a $16B Mkt Cap.

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    • 300 to 450 stores?!?! YOu think any body can believe you for a second? NOt unless they are mindless sheep!

      That's all non-sense! FOr premium luxury brands don't ever win by how many stores they open. Ask Ralph Lauren(RL)!! RL has been in business since 1967. And yet after being in business for 44 years, RL which by the way has much wider selection of clothing and other general merchandise than LULU, only has 170 company stores world-wide. It's all about exclusivity not ubiquity for premium luxury brands!! Stupid! By the way even after in business for 44 years, with revenue of $6.7 billion and net income of $631 million, RL is only valued at $13.4 billion in market cap. LULU already has a market cap of $8 billion with only $820 million in revenue and $150 million in net income. So again LULU is WAY OVER Priced and is bound to crash.

      To look at it another, since LULU's super highly priced athletic clothing is for the rich, then, how can it sustain 300 to 450 stores in the US alone when RL can only sustain 170 stores world wide after being in business for 44 years? Mind you RL has been an extremely successful luxury brand.

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      • All I am saying is there are 45 LULU Stores in Canada. With 1/10th the population of the USA. So 300 or even 450 is possible.

        A better comp. is Banana Republic -- which has 600 stores worldwide (mostly in US, Canada, Far East).

        And you are right RL has few stand alone stores (I think zero in Canada) - but they are in 100's of Dept Stores worldwide.

        BTW - I think RL is great stock too !!

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